Some Florentine and Italian artists have created some series of themed images just for us, preferring the pictorial styles that they love most, especially watercolour and Indian ink.

All images are copyrighted, and therefore cannot be found outside our shop.


Musical Instruments and Colibri '

 Mandolin, flute, sheet music and floral decorations woven in an elegant inlay style such as "Intarsio Maggiolini" (mosaic designs with woods of different colors invented in the late 1800s). 

Related is the Hummingbird in the same style found inside the Music-box Caskets and with which we created the Mini Music-boxes. Wonderful idea for musicians and art lovers.

The designs were designed directly by us and made by our Italian artist Fabio Maiolo, they are deposited in Siae and you can find them only by us, like all the other objects. With these images we have created the Pendulum Clock,  Music-box , Mini Music-box Colibrì and Mandolino 

  • Particolare della farfalla di caricamento molla del carillon
    Farfalla caricamento
  • Interno della scatola carillon con biglietti stampati del produttore L’ Arte de’ Ciompi -Firenze
    Biglietto da visita e certificato produzione
  • Carillon in scatola di legno invecchiata soggetto musicale fatto stile Maggiolini
    scatola musicale violino
  • Veduta ravvicinata del cofanetto portagioie mandolino con in dettaglio piccoli chiodi in ottone
    Particolare dei chiodi su cornice del cofanetto ma
  • Piccolo music-box carillon con immagine di colibrì su una pagina di spartito musicale
    carillon a manovella versione con uccellino
  • Alcune scatoline musicali di legno invecchiato messe una sull’ altra
    Music-box manovella
  • Ripresa fotografica in lontananza dell’orologio colibrì
    Orologio colibrì
  • Zoom del disegno stile Maggiolini presente su pendola colibrì
    Dettaglio orologio colibri
  • Ripresa ravvicinata della pendola dell’orologio colibrì
    Uccellino della pendola colibri

Hot Air Balloon Clock

 Beautiful aerial balloon decorated in the style of the twentieth century, and from the basket a girl with long hair in the wind enjoys the landscape. The image represents  freedom and positivity , a gift idea symbol of good luck .

The Italian artist Denise de Giorgis has created for us the original images in the fine style of watercolor and china, and these are also covered by copyright.
The images of Pinocchio are also his hand, with which we decorate Caskets, Music-Boxes , Photo Albums and Sketch-Books, and we have dedicated a dedicated page to them:

Hot Air Balloon Pendulum
See the Page for Pinocchio Lovers
  • Esposizione frontale del segna ore da parete mongolfiera per far notare l’armonia di insieme
    Orologio mongolfiera
  • Zoom della pendola dell’orologio mongolfiera
    Dettaglio ragazza nel cesto
  • Zoom fotografico delle lancette e dei numeri arabi presenti sulla pendola mongolfiera
    Lancette mongolfiera

Playing cards

"Caricatures of Famous People"

The " Famous People Caricatures " deck is a surprising and original collection of Caricatures of Italian and European Characters in a "fun" version.

Hilarius situations that make them human and friendly human beings. A different way to appreciate talents and make them become closer to us.

The characters embrace all different cultures and nationalities :

° Michelangelo Buonarroti ° Leonardo's Mona Lisa ° Napoleon ° Salvator Dalì ° Benjamin Franklin ° Vincent Van Gogh ° Dante Alighieri ° Giuseppe Verdi ° Leonardo da VInci ° William Shakespeare ° Giuseppe Garibaldi ° Ludwig van Beethoven ° Albert Einstein. The joker is a fabulous Botticelli's Venus embarrassed by his nakedness.

Also these images were made only for us by our Italian artist Fabio Maiolo, and can only be purchased in our store.

  • Scatole di legno in piedi e sdraiate che contengono le carte da gioco
    Carte caricature
  • Carte caricature sparse sul tavolo con cofanetti di lato
    Carte da gioco caricature
Caricatures Playing Cards
See all the Playing Cards and Tarots

Fantasy and design are the basis of the research for the creation of a new style in being craftsmen. Our goal is to invent images and lines in a new and different way for objects that are not only "gadgets" but real works of genuinity and creativity, which leave a trace in the hearts and in the time.

The images we own of the originals made of watercolour and ink are protected by copyright . Reproduction prohibited. Copies of the originals deposited with Siae.