Anti Covid-19 Services Update

We have activated Additional Services to manage the emergency and offer greater safety to our customers

Purchase Services

- ONLINE PURCHASES in our Shop On Line page 

- PURCHASES IN VIDEO CALLS Whatsapp, Zoom and Skype on the Live Shopping page.

Delivery Services

- Fast Shipping all over the world 

- Long Distance Gifts: gift packages delivered directly to home's loved ones

- Fast Safe Claim outside the store, on the roadside and "delivery-drive" from the vehicle without contacts 

- Free Home Delivery on Appointment for purchases over 40.00 euros for the areas of: North Florence, West Florence, Sesto Fiorentino, Calenzano, Campi Bisenzio , Prato Est, Signa, Lastra a Signa (Tuscany). Book by mail, by phone or via Whatsapp.

Regulation and Safety

Tuscany and Florence in particular are among the safest cities and among the least affected by the pandemic in terms of infections and deaths, above all thanks to the more restrictive regulations than the rest of Italy. So they are the best places in Italy to enjoy a safe holiday and journey. The safest shops, stores, businesses and restaurants are those that respect and enforce the rules, decrees, and all measures to contain the spread of Covid 19

 Every day we comply with the DPCM Law Decree Rules and Local Ordinances to limit the contagion from Coronavirus for customers and protect everyone's safety. It is possible to check out all the informations and news about the actual situation, about airport and plane, station and train, bus and air bus, museums, visits and guided travels on the dedicated webpages: VisitTuscany , InvitationToTuscany , TuscanyPromotion , TheFlorentine , ArtViva , TheLocal , FriendsOfTuscany , ItaliaIt , HealthGov UsEmbassyGov , TravelBans , Ryanair , AirportFlorence , ItalyTrainRail 

Find out even on Tripadvisor how to travel safely in Italy and in the world


In our Shop

 In our store, staff are required to wear a mask and personal protective equipment, to use the disinfectant gel before and after each sale. Every day all the surfaces of the room are cleaned and disinfected.

Visitors are required to enter in a contingent manner (staggered), to respect the distance of 1 meter from each other, to use the disinfectant gel before entering the room and to wear protective equipment and a mask for the duration of their stay in the store.


Transparency and Trust

For more informations about our Rules for the containment of the spread of Coronavirus, and to report problems or deficiencies, you can contact us on the Contacts page.