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We are a family of Florentine Artisans, and for generations we have dedicated ourselves to Craft Art, using the old craft methods and the inspiration from the beauties of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Italian and Florentine 19th century 


The excellence of the best Florentine and Italian Craftsmanship, in Precious high quality Crafts. Find the best Gifts and Objects of real Italian Handmade Tradition, and buy them on our OnLine Craft Store


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The best handmade Gifts for people who love Italy and Florence, spread the excellence of the real Italian Crafts!


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Only authentic Italian, Tuscan, and, above all, Florentine craftsmanship
 In our Craft Shop of Firenze we spread the love for true art and craftsmanship of the past. We create reproductions of the ancient objects of the past with the methods of the old traditional Tuscan restoration, inspired by the Renaissance style. All the tradition of Italy and the wisdom of the past of Tuscany and Florence can be touched by hand in our characteristic shop, in every handcrafted object made by hand with the love of the past. If you are looking for high quality handicraft, characteristic and traditional handmade one-of-a-kind gifts and stuff, and real art made like ancient times, you must take a look to our must-to-see shop!  We are proud of all our reviews made by our costumers that rate us as the best Handmade Gift Shop of Florence, on Tripadvisor, on Facebook and on Google. A stone's throw from the Duomo, in via de 'Cerretani, just in the historic center of Florence, we open our doors to dreamers, collectors and lovers of vintage and antiques. Writers, artists, historians and all those who love art and above all Italian art are fascinated by our handcrafted works with an ancient design and an unobtainable style.  Nothing is left to chance, every little detail is taken care of and worked with the dedication of the ancient Made in Italy, with the knowledge of the made in Tuscany and with the folklore of the made in Florence! Made in Italy means safety and quality, Made in Tuscany means tradition, Made in Florence means uniqueness and originality! Support local, support artisans, buy in Craft Store L'Arte de' Ciompi!

The most precious and original handmade gifts
Where to find the best italian and florentine handworked gifts for people who love Italy and Florence? L'Arte de' Ciompi craft shop is the answer for you! Explore and shop one-of-a-kind items that you can't get anywhere else! If you are looking for a new and classy gift capable of seducing and fascinating, choose a gift idea of ​​legendary authentic craftsmanship, all beautiful and unprecedented. Every birthday will become special and unforgettable with our original ideas, all perfect objects to make a gift for a man, a woman or a child. If you have any doubts or do not know what to give, we will give you all the precious advice to never go wrong on every occasion and every specific event. Here you will easily find small treasures to give an original and particular gift to make those who receive them happy. Ours are all collectibles and handcrafted gifts to discover, even if only to give to yourself on the most special occasions and personal moments, a self-gift to be given when we deserve it, when we are a little down or when no one understands the our tastes and ... in the end we have to do it ourselves!

The Shop in Florence and the E-Commerce in the world
Italian Handicraft is nowadays famous in the world for his quality and excellence, so get inspired for the perfect gift for the person you think of on, in our On Line Craft Shop! With each object you will have the certainty of giving an artistical refined thought, sure that it does not end up in a drawer ... it is a promise! We have created the different groups in our OnLine Craft Store to take you to our real Bottega in Florence, and to find out which object is best suited to remember a theme you are passionate about or a place you love. In the shop in via Cerretani you can ask and let us help you, with our experience and sensitivity we will be able to satisfy all your requests, and even the desires you do not yet know about yourself! On the E-Shop you can instead choose themes, passions, hobbies, tastes and obsessions of the person you are thinking of, and thanks to the categories we have prepared for you you can easily choose without wasting time and without getting confused.

Long Distance purchases, shipping and gifts
How to celebrate a parent's birthday, a child's graduation, a relative's wedding, the birth of a couple of friends? We have also thought of those who have loved ones away from home, and are no longer able to celebrate important occasions and events properly: with the Remote Gift you can send your gift already packaged with care and love directly to the home of the person who love, if you want we can also write a nice dedication for you on an attached card! You can make your wishes and make a good impression even from afar with a nice gift at home, and make your loved ones feel that you are always close to them, distance never really separates. Shipments are fast and safe, and we can send all your choices to your home within a few days: Florence has never been so close! Payments are safe thanks to the Paypal platform we rely on, now proven on the internet for years and reputed to be the best in terms of online payments with credit cards. Of course, you can pay with any card you prefer, whatever is your bank.

Enjoy all our original handmade gift ideas for every special person, make people around you happy!

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