"A door of time that overlooks the Past,

a suspended bridge between Yesterday and Today "

The Family and the Tradition

  • We are an ancient Florentine family of artisans who, for four generations, have been working leather, wood and paper by hand. Our grandparents and our fathers handed down to us knowledge and methods which, together with the love and passion for our work, allow us to create ever new handicrafts. 
  • In our historic workshop in Florence we have typographic tools for the realization of paper and cardboard components, two-century old presses for leather manufacturing, and saws, fretworks, lathe and shellac, our allies for the processing and coloring of wood. 
  • Small and big secrets handed down over the decades and a long experience in art and decoration allow us to produce unique creations with an ancient and traditional flavor.

The Name, the History, the Florentin people

In 1300 the "Ciompi" were the workers of the Minor Arts of Florence, such as wool makers, cobblers, dyers, workers, who, together with other humbler tradesmen, represented one of the lowest rungs of the social ladder of the time. The name was due to the hardest work of all, that of "ciompare", or rather "hammering" the leather to soften it. It is precisely from this that was born the saying in Italian language "Se non stai buono ti Ciompo!!" which means "if you are not good, I will ciomp you!",  I hammer you, I hit you!"

Since they did not enjoy any representation, the Ciompi were excluded from any political management of the company. In 1378 they rose in a popular revolt, the famous "Tumulto dei Ciompi", one of the first uprisings for economic-political purposes in European history.
A famous square was also dedicated to Florence, the Piazza de 'Ciompi, where for many decades until a few years ago it was the place of the most famous flea markets in Tuscany

Our Shop

The entire collection is located in our shop in Florence, the only point of sale, now famous for the real Florentine handmade, where you can see and touch our creations. here that art comes to life, with an exhibition and a suggestive setting.
Each product is inspired by tradition, both in design and in shape, using creative harmony and a taste for beauty. Nothing is left to chance, every detail is taken care of with love and wisdom. A unique piece to remember Florence and that smells of history.
Come and discover the entire production, and take home an object of true Florentine craftsmanship.


Real Handmade, "Made by us".

Real Made in Italy, "Made in Florence".

Where find us

On the road that from the Santa Maria Novella station leads to the entrance of the beautiful Piazza del Duomo. Our shop is at the beginning of the pedestrian zone, between the bookshop and the shoe shop.

Keep in touch and Review

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Trip Advisor

High-level Italian manufacture. They manually produce the products, unique and
original, a mixture of tactile and visual pleasure, useful objects and
futile, luxury accessible to all those who want a product
handmade and impossible to find elsewhere


"Our favorite souvenirs from Italy were bought here after two weeks in Rome, Florence and Venice. The handmade leather journals and other handmade items are delightful and fascinating. Wonderful on all fronts!"


"The products designed by their family are
incredibly elegant and classic !!! The wooden works are of high
quality and retro style. Highly recommended to buy as a souvenir