The new Live Streaming Remote Virtual Shopping



  •   Simple: with Whatsapp, Zoom or Skype Video Calls, it's free and without obligation, just one click!
  •   Convenient: directly from home, you can look, browse, ask, and decide in comfort thanks to remote assisted sales
  •    Safe: with Video Calls you can deactivate your front camera and shop in complete privacy and security, without leaving home



  • Write us a Whatsapp message at + 39 334 98 72 399: "I would like to book a Live Shopping", or write us an email to
  • Book your Personal Sale:  the session will last for a maximum of 30minutes, you can choose every day of the week in the time slot between 9:30 am and 8.00 pm, and it is totally free; as on the Online Shop, the shipment is possible only for a minimum purchase
  • Video Call us:  within the hour booked, or if you prefer, ask to be Video Called 
  • If you find something you like, you can pay directly on our site with PayPal Secure Payment, or by Bank Transfer 
Remember that Shipping costs vary depending on the country of destination.



Virtual Shopping

Instead of the virtual salesman, we have the real shop assistant in Live Streaming! One of the first shop with virtual purchase, we will show you all our marvellous handmade items, one-of-a-kind italian crafts that you can't find anywhere else. Easy choose and safe payments on our Paypal platform. If you miss Florence, Italy and travelling, this is the best way to have a piece of art and italian crafts without moving from your house! Now you can finally shop on you computer screen, no recorded videos but live streaming calls!

Shopping during Covid-19

Now more than ever there is a need for security, and with video phone calls it is possible to buy online with the transparency of the in-store purchase. With the prohibition to move between countries and many closed airports, traveling has become difficult, but we can make your desire to travel come true, bringing you directly to our shop, without leaving home. Buy in the Online Shop with the comfort and convenience of Telephone Videos, via Whatsapp, via Zoom or via Skype, with personalized purchases and assisted sales via web and mobile phone via Streaming. Buying safely has never been easier as by video callings.