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 Are you looking for the real Made in Italy, the authentic, real, ancient and timeless handmade? 

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the authentic handcrafted object, in the midst of so many counterfeiters, so many imports and so many imitations. And how can we recognize the real Italian quality craftsmanship? 

The authentic Handmade is recognized by the small details: the vivid color, the soft curve, the perfect surface. When you are in doubt about an object to buy, observe it carefully: the real Handmade has very small differences in construction between one object and another: a comma of the decoration, a curl in the gold, a curve sweeter than an edge. 

The real Made in Italy is recognized by the care: every object must work perfectly, every detail must be beautiful in its uniqueness.Of course the best clue is the price: the real Made in Italy has high prices, because labor costs a lot, and life costs even more. Ask the seller how long it takes to build an exhibit, and think that a worker is paid an average of 10 euros per hour. A box entirely made by hand that cannot take less than 4 hours of work will never cost 15,00 euros. If so, then it is not made in Italy, but in other countries of the world where labor costs a few cents an hour.
Last point to observe is the place where you are buying. Ask the seller where he buys the items he is selling, if he is a retailer or if he is a craftsman himself. If you are a craftsman, find out where the workshop is located, the process of building an object, and the labor time.Finally, rely on your emotions: a truly handmade object with dedication and care vibrates with its own energy, and you can feel it. even just holding it in your hands. If you feel your soul vibrate, then you will be holding an authentic Handmade Craft item in your hand

As for On-Line Sales, the situation is different: we cannot touch the object, we can only see photos and descriptions. And how to recognize the authentic handicrafts for sale on the internet? The biggest piece of advice is to be wary of large companies that sell a bit of everything: when an artisanal music box is next to a shampoo or cat food, you are in front of a website of a non-serious retailer. Rely on dedicated websites: check the name of the site, look for reviews on the net, and inquire about the supplier or the craftsman named in the description. If the name is not indicated, be wary also in this case, as it is a sign of little transparency. Then always ask for the certificate of guarantee or authenticity. Buying an artisanal product on the web is a serious matter, and it is not right to be made fun of. The best advice for buying handicrafts online is to rely on small artisans and small workshops. Find out through their website, on social networks and on the reviews you can find. And it is also always important to read the item descriptions: a true craftsman will always be proud of his work, and in the item descriptions he will not be able to help but write as much information as possible about the construction and the details.

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Florence, cradle of craftsmanship

Florence is now famous all over the world for its Craftsmanship, for the most sought-after objects made in leather, for the Florentine paper, for the Restoration and for wooden creations inspired by antiquity. And we too try to make our contribution to the city where we were born and raised, and which has taught us so much over the centuries. 
And we too try to make our contribution to the city where we were born and raised, and which has taught us so much over the centuries. We, as a Florentine family for centuries, do our best to keep the good name of Florentine Artisan Art high in the world.

In our Florence workshop you will find real jewels of Italian and Florentine hand-made family craftsmanship. The Restoration, Art and Antiques of the past still live in our laboratory and on the shelves of our online shop and in Florence. 

Right next to the Piazza del Duomo, where the most famous Artists and Artisans of Florence were born and worked, we too, in our small workshop and in our workshop in the shadow of the Duomo, try to do our part, working as in the past leather, wood and paper, and inspired by ancient art and the Florentine splendor of the past. Find out Who We Are

Our family has been producing handcrafted objects for almost a century, using the ancient techniques and machinery of the Tuscan Restoration. Florence rediscovers its past of wonderful craftsmanship thanks to the tradition of the past. All the secrets of our grandparents handed down for generations come to life in our hands every time we create an object in our artisan laboratory. Discover all the Craftsmanship Techniques.

Our collection consists only of unique and unreproducible pieces, historical and typical souvenirs of the old historical fashion. Bring home and give to the people you love the most beautiful and authentic Old Italian Handicraft items in Florence. Discover all the Perfect Handmade Gifts for any occasion.

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Cradle of the Renaissance and mindful of its Medieval past, Florence, or Fiorenza, was the capital of Italian art and artistic expression. The world has loved its artists, its writers and its inventors, from Michelangelo, Raffaelo, Leonarda da Vinci, Dante Alighieri and many others, major and minor, protagonists of Florentine art. Even then, the craftsmanship of Florence was much appreciated by the rest of Italy and by traveling Europeans, and no one could resist the charm and wonder that Florentine artistic and artisan gifts aroused. The Major Arts and the Minor Arts were, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, loved and venerated by everyone, from the greatest politicians and churchmen, to ordinary workers.

The Medici Family

The characters to whom we owe most thanks for the help given to the Arts are the Medici. From Cosimo il Vecchio to Lorenzo the Magnificent, thanks to this family, Florence was able to prosper in politics, work, well-being and art. They hosted and encouraged the greatest names that still remain in our hearts today. Pontormo, Perugino, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Filippo Lippi, Ghiberti, the architect Michelozzo, Brunelleschi, Baccio da Montelupo, Agnolo Bronzino, Giorgio Vasari, Benvenuto Cellini, Buontalenti, Titian, Raphael. The list is longer. They surrounded themselves with the greatest intellectuals of the time, such as Poliziano, Ficino, Leon Battista Alberti, Pulci and Pico della Mirandola. The Renaissance was born in Florence out of love for the art of the Florentines themselves. The well-being and the desire for power were the starting points, and the love for art, for beauty and for cultural elevation were the forces that pushed the Medici and their supporters and start a "flowering" that would be been remembered forever in time and in the world.

The Corporations

Today the Florentine artisans are inspired by ancient art and the major and minor arts for their artistic works of craftsmanship: jewels, clothes, hats, shoes, watches, furniture. For each category, Florence offers the best craft shops, historical establishments of ancient beauty, fame and ability.
The Minor Arts and the Major Arts were Florentine guilds of artisans, each of which had its coat of arms, its rules and its representatives. The Ciompi were a guild of minor arts of the Middle Ages, which rose up to win the right to have greater representation in parliament.
We were inspired by them for the name of our artisan business: genuineness, transparency, pride and strength relive in us.

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Authentic Handcraft Online
Discovering authentic Italian and Florentine craftsmanship is not always easy, especially when we are looking for an online seller of high quality craftsmanship. However, even on the internet it is possible to find authentic and certified handcrafted objects and gifts. The important thing is to always make sure of the name of the site and look for other funds on the internet regarding the name of the supplier or the craftsman. When you go to large agencies that collect all kinds of objects, it's never safe. Security is always in the small company, which daily undertakes to keep its name and that of the craftsmanship and art it represents high. When we buy a gift or a handcrafted object online, we always ask for the construction and authenticity certificate.

Artisans shop
Florence is certainly the cradle of ancient craftsmanship, and as a laboratory and shop we do everything to keep the name of the ancient traditional Florentine craftsmanship high. With the methods, techniques, secrets of our grandparents, we build each object with the love and passion of the past, in the real family production. Our articles are all inspired by the ancient Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the 19th century Florentines and Italians. We are inspired by the models of the past, by the colors, styles and artistic images of those times. We let ourselves be immersed in art and craftsmanship with the machinery of our laboratory, rich in antiquities and wonders of the past, as well as tools and machinery from the early 1900s. Objects with attention to the smallest details, high quality craftsmanship, elegant and fine, one of a kind, hard to find and precious. Let yourself be fascinated by the wonders of Florentine Artisan Art!