Uncover the Secrets, the Machines and the Technics of the True Hand Made in Italy and Handmade in Florence

Our Artisan Creations are all made with ancient methods, techniques, secrets and machinery, just as they did in the past. Our grandparents and the traditions of Florence taught us all the ancient knowledge that made Tuscany so famous all over the world. Our Artisan Laboratory lives on the passion and love for Art and Craftsmanship, as it has lived in Florence from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.



Each object is cut with fretwork, electric saw, lathe or with manual gouges. The coloring is a shellac, and is made using the ancient methods of Tuscan restoration, that gives each piece the charm of the antiquities. 
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The leather is all Tuscan cowhide, and each piece is cut and sewn by hand as it once was. The external decorations are all made with an ancient hot press, a legacy of our family, and the designs of the bronzes are all inspired by the ancient Florentine Renaissance.
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THE Paper

We only use top quality paper, strictly of Italian and Tuscan origin. Each has different weights and textures, and we carefully choose it for each type of product. The machinery we use to work is ancient, a legacy of our grandparents. The new technologies are used with an antique taste and style.

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"If you put Love and Passion in what you do, you will always be free to choose"

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All items are signed with the logo of L'Arte de' Ciompi branded with fire on the caskets, hand painted for the tops and ink stamped on the bottom of the other wooden products.

Each object is accompanied by the production certificate which guarantees its origin and craftsmanship.

All stages of processing are done by hand as they once were, each object becomes so unique in the world and there will never be another one like it. The graphic study, the design and the manual production are all internally produced, and the suppliers of the materials are local.


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Florentine Craft Workshop 

The craft product is the only type of gift that can leave a mark and a reminder of who you are. This is a page entirely dedicated to ancient machinery, to the secrets and methods of traditional Florentine craftsmanship and the old Tuscan restoration of the past. The Florentine workshops, the small artisan workshops, the Tuscan art workshops are now famous all over the world for their charm. Dirty, messy, full of tools and instruments, ancient and modern. Their smell of wax, leather, iron, and dyes was distinct from the street. And their beauty is rare and unique. Theaters of sweat, tears, happiness, laughter and passion, silent but alive witnesses of inventions and failures. In our antiquity and museum pieces continue to live to work every day. Our handcrafted objects and gifts are all unique, original and unobtainable, and are always appreciated by lovers of the past, art and history. To recognize a real piece of authentic craftsmanship the only way is to observe the quality of the material and the attention that has been paid to every detail of workmanship: the real Florentine, Tuscan and Italian craftsmanship is cared for in every little detail. The original and true Hand Made object is always a luxury gift suitable to be appreciated even by those who already have everything and are not satisfied. See a selection to find a beautiful gift of important and sought after and without necessarily being expensive. 

The Artisans M and the Artisans F

There was and still is a perfect method to recognize a true craftsman: to observe his hands. The hands of an authentic craftsman are large, gnarled, worn. Even the artisans, despite having the finest and most elegant hands, will always have that particular shape that only those who work with their hands have. In our laboratory, which boasts a percentage of female workers among the highest in the Italian wood, paper and leather laboratories, the women who work and manage the business are certainly no less. Anyone who says that hammers, drills, chisels, brushes, presses and circular and band saws are for men, has never seen our workshop.