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Long distance gifts

When there is an unrepeatable event of a special person who lives far away that you cannot participate in, you can always celebrate from a distance, and the best way is with a gift of typical Italian and Florentine craftsmanship! We will send your handmade gifts directly to the home of your loved ones anywhere in the world, with gift package and greeting card!


Our passion

"We are a family of Florentine Artisans, and for generations we have dedicated ourselves to Craft Art, using the methods of the ancient Italian Restoration and the inspiration from the beauties of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the 19th century Italian and Florentine"



There are special occasions when you have to celebrate with the perfect gift! Long-awaited weddings, important engagements, the birth of a friend's child, the baptism of the grandson, the graduation of your child or the retirement of a parent. Each event is unique and unrepeatable, and the special person you think of deserves an original, beautiful and handmade gift from the heart! The real Made in Italy of authentic Italian craftsmanship.



Italy is the cradle of all the Arts, and every Artist deserves their own special gift! When looking for a particular gift for an artist, the best idea is to choose a gift handmade with the heart, because every artist will be able to appreciate an object of Italian and Florentine craftsmanship that is beautiful, cared for and inspired by art. From the writer to the poet, from the musician to the luthier, from the draftsman to the painter, from the actor to the singer, from the tarot reader to the spiritual guru, each handcrafted gift has been designed for the most artistic and inspired tastes.



Florence inspires all lovers of Art, History and Culture. The prestige and luxury of this artistic city also reflect the refined Italian taste, and every artisan gift embodies the knowledge and knowledge of ancient Italian craftsmanship. From the furnishing of a new home, to the English, American or German foreign lover of Italy, to the most romantic Pinocchio lovers, every gift is studied in detail, and designed to make happy the most special, particular, elegant people that they are.



Every day is special when you are in love! The Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's Day and the Nameday must however be celebrated properly, and the perfect gifts for him and her are those of authentic Italian craftsmanship made with love and with the heart of a craftsman.



Themed Gift Packages for true lovers of Art and Crafts





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Each person is special, whether you have a particular event or simply want to thank someone, the important thing is to always make a beautiful and tasteful gift! We of L'Arte de' Ciompi have always created handcrafted objects with an antique and vintage look, and we maintain that real hand-made represents the most important culture of Italy and Florence, as well as all the other minor and major Arts. If you want to make an original and classy gift, useful and always in fashion, choose Italian craftsmanship, and you will be sure to always make the person you love happy.





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Italian and Florentine Artisan Gifts 

In our On-Line Shop and in the physical one in via de 'Cerretani in the historic center of Florence we make the real Italian and Florentine craftsmanship of the past. Every single object is handmade from start to finish, with the techniques and machinery of ancient Tuscan craftsmanship. Thanks to the ancient knowledge of our grandparents, every handcrafted object has a vintage and medieval look, perfect for lovers of historic Florence. Made in Italy means safety and quality, Made in Tuscany means tradition, Made in Florence means uniqueness and originality! Support local, support artisans, choose the best, buy in L'Arte de 'Ciompi! 

 Authentic Luxury and Classy Craftsmanship

We are inspired by the expensive objects of Florence's past to create unique and original pieces of authentic luxury and class craftsmanship. The real handmade in Italy and in Florence is recognized for the attention and care of every little detail, for the sober and refined taste, and for the artistic and historical inspiration of each object. If you are looking for a truly prestigious handmade gift, the best choice is to choose the best craft shop: we at L'Arte de 'Ciompi have been committed for generations to always keep the quality and style of the whole shop high, so that Florence itself (and our grandparents too) may be proud of us!

Buying Online

Each of our customers can sign us: we have the most personal and transparent online shopping service in the world! When looking for a gift on the internet, we look for authenticity, excellence and safety… but not everyone can give them to us! In our Online Shop we follow every sale and every shipment personally, with care and dedication, and this love for our work makes our site the safest in the world to buy handmade gifts online. Customers are all satisfied and happy with our service, and we aim to become the best shop where to buy high quality Italian and Florentine craftsmanship online. 

Long Distance Gifts

 In this difficult period today more than ever it is important to feel close to the people we love, too. if they are very far away. A child away from home, a nephew in another city, a friend moved to another country are difficult situations to deal with. Then there are often special events that cannot be attended, but which we would love to attend: graduations, births, baptisms, birthdays, name days. In these cases, the important thing is to make the people you love feel close to your love. The best way is the Remote Gift: thanks to our fast and safe home delivery service you can send your personalized gift to the distant birthday boy. A heartfelt gift, carefully chosen and packaged with our hands by artisans will be a beautiful surprise to receive at the door! You can follow the tracking of the package with the dedicated site that we will send you, and you can make sure that it is delivered to the recipient, or that it is insured to a neighbor or a cohabiting relative. Your loved ones will be very surprised at the gift received directly at home and delivered in their hands, and they will be happy to read a greeting card and open the gift package that we will have packed especially for them!

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