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All our creations are handmade in our workshop in Florence, and the Studio and the On-Line Shop are entirely managed by our family.

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Gifts for newborns
A gift for a birth is an important gift that must always remain fascinating and current over time. Especially if you have just given birth to a friend or a colleague, it is important to make a good impression with the new mother, without having to spend an exaggeration. Sometimes the birth lists are demanding and left for the family of the unborn child, but a gift of one's choice can be much more personal and original. The important thing is that the gift is always useful and easy to use for the future, something that does not commit, that is really useful and that is not abandoned in a drawer. For example, beautiful ideas when a child is born in a group of friends or in the workplace, wall or table clocks with Pinocchio or the lucky balloon can be furnishing objects in the bedroom giving a note of joy. If you want to give a real good wishes with style and class, you can choose the Colibrì watch, with its elegant and refined images. Music boxes have always fascinated children, and are also useful as a jellyfish holder and as decorated boxes for small baptismal jewels. Photo Albums are always luxurious and useful thoughts for the future. original idea also as a gift for catechists, and for children who go to Communion or Confirmation, important and unrepeatable dates that must be celebrated properly. For a newborn, the Photo Albums with the images of the sweet Pinocchio in Florence are nice, fun and fresh gift ideas. These printed photo collectors can be enriched with dates and notes with memories of the birth, the first days and the first years, a beautiful diary of the child's growth.
Gifts for Baptism
When we want to make a gift for an important religious event, it is important to choose well! The Angels on the box and on the Albums are perfect for the most spiritual families, they will be appreciated as auspicious symbols that the protective angel always watches over the newborn baby. Godfather and Godmother are the most important figures in a baptism, and they must always make a good impression in front of the parents of the newborn, and the best choice is to give a precious and useful object of authentic Florentine craftsmanship, which never goes out of fashion, and which will be appreciated as a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture also by the family to brighten up the interior design of the house.