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We design and build each object with our hands and with the methods of ancient Florentine craftsmanship in our Florence Laboratory.

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Eclectic and particular artists, what can you give them that is original and that makes them really happy? Whetever she is a sculptor with refined tastes, an architect with elegant ways, or a funny messy painter, a unique piece of Florentine artistic craftsmanship is always the right choicefor them! Discover all our Articles for Artists, and our advice for each special event and each artist ... even more special!

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The most beautiful gift ideas for artists and art lovers
You know, artists are often eccentric and very particular in their tastes! And what to give to an art lover, who is not too bulky and who does not commit too much? We have created a wonderful and one-of-a-kind collection for all types of artists, whether they are professional artists or just amateurs or beginners! The artist appreciates handcrafted objects even more than other people, because he understands the effort, commitment and time it takes to build and create a piece that will be one of a kind. Discover all our original gift ideas and our advice for every type and genre of artist!

Unique and original gifts for Painters and Painters
Whether you love to paint with oil, watercolor, tempera or even with coffee, something that will never be missing in a painter's kit are brushes. And the one thing he never thinks about after buying loads of all kinds is where to keep them! For the most eclectic and distracted artists, you can give the Brush Holders to Case with Cartridge in decorated leather, of different colors, all in vintage style, to feel like a true artist of the Italian Renaissance! To combine, you can also give the Color Portacray, a small bag for oil tubes and watercolors to always carry with you. These cases are very versatile, and are also perfect for more specific and particular spatulas and short or long instruments. If they can then pass by Florence they will certainly appreciate all the objects that show the most famous and beautiful Florentine paintings, from the Music-box with the Birth of Venus by Botticelli, to the Notebooks for the Sketches with the Ballo degli Angeli by Donatello. Graduates in Fine Arts or Art School will be amazed in being able to touch the history and art just studied that become real in the handicrafts of our creation, and above all to be able to put into practice years of study on such a personal gift made especially for them!

Draftsmen and cartoonists
There are those who make hyper-realistic drawings, and those who love to make small cartoon sketches, others dream inside geometric drawings. Then others work with squares and rulers, and with a passion they did a job, that of a surveyor or an architect! For all of them there is only one password: to draw. Graphite, pen or charcoal traveling on the white sheet is a dream for all of them. A sketchbook will be a perfect gift for a cartoonist, making quick drawings of the idea that they will then want to reproduce in large will be very comfortable! Also for those who love to draw live: you can give them the opportunity to always carry a portable sketchbook in their backpack to be able to draw at any time, in the streets of the city, in front of monuments and statues, up to the subway, where they will have people of all kinds ready to pose for them and act as models, perhaps without their knowledge! And when you need an infinite notebook, the best choice is undoubtedly the interchangeable notebook cover: the external leather cover remains eternal, and the interior can be changed endless times, perfect for those who draw a lot and are afraid to waste an internal notebook. . An elegant thought for amateurs and amateurs will also be the Graphite wooden box with leather padding and handmade paper sheets. For those who cannot give up color drawing, the best thing is the leather pencil case, a cartridge case that can also be used for colored pens, pantones and more particular markers: a perfect gift for those who love drawings. colored.

From the sculptors to the artists of clothes and make-up
Leather cases with internal holes are such versatile objects that they can be used for all the artistic tools we may need. From wood chisels to brushes for Make-up Artists and Make-up artists, up to the scissors, needles and measuring tape of Tailors and Stylists. Then, well, a Notebook for quick notes, sketches and models is always handy in the life of a fashion and art lover, and is indispensable in the career of a professional artist. Any small or great lover of art and ancient things will be amazed and fascinated by a high-quality artisan gift, because each unique piece of Florentine craftsmanship carries within it all the history and art of Florence.

The perfect handcrafted gift for beginner artists
And if you have recently started to approach art? And if, perhaps once retired, we would like to start devoting ourselves to passions never cultivated due to lack of time or stimuli? Maybe we want to push a mother, a father or a friend to start on the artistic path? For a novice draftsman the perfect gift is the Beginner's Kit: Michelangelo's Sketchbook rigid with Pencil and rigid sheets inside, a set of indispensable objects to be able to start drawing! And if in the end they leave immediately, do not worry! The rigid folder is so beautiful and original that it can be displayed at home on a shelf or in a bookcase, perhaps to keep together the bills and all those papers that go around the house and you never know where to put!

Elegant and luxury art for demanding artists
For those who do not give up on luxury and elegance even in the design, the best idea is the inlaid wooden mechanical pencil, equipped with a beautiful aged wooden box with the lily of Florence. It is an original pen with graphite inside, a piece of pure authentic Italian-style craftsmanship, made entirely by hand, elegant and classy, ​​if we wouldn't even say luxury. Surely a very fine and original gift for a Degree in Architecture or Engineering, to celebrate even the most demanding graduate with style, whether for office, desk or travel.