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Energies and Spirituality
Giving a gift to a spiritual person or a scholar who is experienced in esoteric doctrines is now easier. They are people who live on positive energy and are often passionate about alchemy, magic and growth paths, they are people who like ancient knowledge, old recipes, heal with herbs, everything that is care of the soul. They love symbols that inspire subtle perception. Good luck objects, mysterious boxes and containers, the Ancient Herbarium, angelic figures and objects with angels and Sola Busca Tarots. Even for those looking for a symbol of connection with their soul and their center, a gift of authentic craftsmanship will surely be appreciated, because it is made with dedication and with the heart.

Catholicism and the Church
What to give to a religious, a parish priest or a nun is even easier because they are generally very educated people. They also like ancient symbols and knowledge, each of the products offered is perfect. The most welcome are those with the representation of the Angels' Ball, the least suitable is the Tarot deck because it has esoteric symbols that could be misunderstood. For catechists and all those who teach or study catechism it is important to offer something that is particular, permeated with energy and useful for one's path. For a communion or a confirmation, a boy or a girl will be fascinated by the particularity and originality of these precious handcrafted jewels made of leather and wood. Discover all the special gifts for a Spiritual Father and a Priest you care a lot about 

Easter gifts
Are you looking for a gift for the Easter holidays that is different from the usual, elegant, refined, beautiful and unique in its kind? Easter gifts and Easter baskets will be richer and more unforgettable with an inlaid egg, a leather notebook or something with the dance of the angels that means good wishes and makes a good impression. It is easy to find the perfect Easter gifts on our online shop, for all tastes, both traditional and original.