The best typical and characteristical souvenirs of high quality production, totally hand made in Florence.

Take home or give away a beautiful memory of Florence and all the Renaissance charm of the city. The Tuscan Almanac is the first collection of anecdotes and stories from all over Tuscany. The Lily of Florence is the most unmistakable expression of the city, and let's not forget Pinocchio, the most famous puppet born in Florence in the world. Be fascinated by antiquity with Florence forever in the heart.


For those who love Florence
Do you want to carry Florence with you forever in your heart? Have you spent the best moments of your life in this city? Have you studied, worked, met a love, grew up with it and were forced to abandon it? This is the perfect page for you: ours is the best souvenir shop in Florence! As in the past, we build special and typical souvenirs and souvenirs, taking inspiration from the art of this beautiful city. We are dedicated to the conception and construction of quality craftsmanship, true, authentic, handmade with the techniques and methods of the past. If you are looking for a gift that reminds you of Florence but is not the usual tourist souvenir, take a peek in our shop: quality and good taste come first.

Tourist Florence
Are you looking for a truly special, unique souvenir that represents Florence in all its art? In our shop we produce and sell the most beautiful souvenirs in the city and of the highest quality. We are inspired by the past, and by the history of Florence, from the Middle Ages, to the Renaissance, up to the early 1900s, when our grandparents already collected antiques and built what would later become the best known crafts in the world. Sometimes when you visit Florence you are a little confused by the quantity and diversity of shops that there are: the large world chains, the small franchises and the surviving artisan shops. There are souvenirs and keepsakes for all tastes and budgets, the important thing is to choose well the place and the object we want to give or keep for us. If we want some advice, there are Tripadvisor and Google searches that will help us find the most beautiful and important Florentine craft shops, and especially those with the best reviews!

Florence and craftsmanship
Why choose a handmade piece of craftsmanship as a souvenir of a holiday in Florence? Because Florence, like Tuscany and the whole of Italy, is the cradle of craftsmanship and art, and there is nothing better than authentic craftsmanship to represent and remember such a fascinating and typical city. Abandon yourself to the wonder of Florentine artistic craftsmanship, in our typical Florentine and Italian souvenir and handicraft shop you will find the art and history of Florence preserved as it was in past centuries. Leather and leather, wood and paper of all kinds, for typical, hard to find, unique and truly beautiful souvenirs, all handmade as they once were, made in Florence, truly Made in Italy.