Ancient restoration techniques for all types of houses, from the old to the modern styles

Our objects are all reproductions of wonders of the past, and are handmade in Florence with the artisan techniques of the past.

With craftsmanship, the home is refreshed with positivity and vivacity. Also discover all the other collections on the On-Line Shop.

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The Original Craftsmanship
In our laboratory we only build reproductions of ancient objects with the use of ancient methods of Florentine craftsmanship and Tuscan restoration. Some images are original created by Italian artists just for us, and therefore cannot be found outside our shop.Love your homeThis is a collection designed for those who are looking for an object to furnish their home that is different and particular, as well as a piece of authentic craftsmanship. These antique style decorations are perfect for any type of interior design, from vintage to modern, it is important to tastefully match each element. If you are looking for unique pieces to decorate your home, from the bedroom, to the living room, to the rustic tavern, to the vintage kitchen, here you will find elegant and particular furnishing ideas and decorative elements. Professional interior decorators who are looking for particular and never-seen-before design objects can complement the charm of the premises with the fascinating leather notebooks, mysterious old books and elegant photo albums. To find strange objects and accessories for the home and for the furnishing of an exhibition stand, or a rustic or vintage or classy environment, our handcrafted decorative ideas are perfect to catch the eye and make you remember yourself forever. Unique and very original designs to be displayed on a shelf or an antique niche.
Gifts for Furnishing
What to give when you go to someone's home? It is important to choose something elegant and refined, and that does not commit too much, and the wooden caskets and music boxes are very beautiful and fascinating examples that a guest can manage well in the spaces of the home. For a young couple who is going to live together in a new home, it is a good omen to give an egg in inlaid wood, perfect for a shop window or a bookcase. gift idea a table or wall clock that reminds him of his home, and to fill a blank wall. For a friend who goes to live far away and a difficult move is waiting for him, it is nice to receive a music box to decorate a bedside table or a console.