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All our creations in leather, wood and paper are handmade in our workshop in Florence, using methods of ancient Tuscan craftsmanship and restoration of the past.

Selection of the most precious Florentine craftsmanship and prestigious objects for the most important occasions. To view all the items for sale in E-Commerce, visit the E-Shop


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The Craftsmen of the past 

Our vintage online boutique L'Arte de 'Ciompi is the showcase of the most precious Florentine craftsmanship in the history of Florence, where each piece is unique and unobtainable. Our e-commerce shop is the perfect place to make an important and prestigious handmade gift that makes you remember. Find in our collection what to give to those who have everything, which is useful, but above all beautiful and classy. We will give you help and many ideas to find luxury gifts for a elegant woman or an important man. 

The best Handmade Gift Ideas for Retirement

Retirement is the most important day in a person's life, and must be celebrated properly. Better to avoid unnecessary gifts, better to focus on objects that are useful and beautiful to display at home, but without committing too much. To honor a colleague you need a nice retirement gift that looks like one of the most expensive on the market and makes a good impression, and the Leather Bound Notebooks are perfect for this purpose. If a special colleague retires, the Wooden Caskets are a very special gift for the most difficult tastes, also useful for the future. If the friend is a musician, an even more appropriate gift will be the Romantic and elegant Wooden Music Box and Music Box. If instead the boss retires, you have to choose a gift that is elegant and refined, to thank him for his leadership and support as a boss in the workplace, and that expresses all your esteem: certainly a particular and original Fountain Pen in inlaid woods will be a beautiful and unforgettable retirement gift. When, on the other hand, she is a relative, such as her mother, an aunt or mother-in-law, if you want to wish good luck for the future, you can choose between the Wooden Eggs and the Photo Albums with the decorated leather cover. Find the perfect luxury object on the L'Arte de ' Ciompi website: the thought will be appreciated and will be kept among the best memories of your colleagues.

The unrepeatable Anniversary
The Golden Wedding, the Silver Wedding and the Bronze Wedding are special occasions in which it is necessary to seal a cycle of love that has run its course. Whether you want to do it to a man, a woman, or a couple, it is important to choose well the gift with which you want to surprise. If you want to amaze your parents, or even if your grandparents are celebrating, a handmade Photo Binder is a classic and traditional gift that never goes out of fashion, especially if you will give it with some photos already printed and placed in the first pages. accompanied by romantic or funny dedications. The first anniversary is even more important for a couple. The Jewelery Boxes and the Wooden Gel Pens are just some little elegant ideas you can think of. Also discover the dedicated gifts in the Gifts for Him and Gifts for Her pages, and you will be sure not to make a mistake.

The Birthday not to be forgotten
Is your child turning 18? The eighteenth of a boy or a girl, you know, is the most important day for a young person, because his legal freedom begins. What could be better than an antique-style hard leather bound notebook for a lover of antiquity and diaries? Or a watch that symbolizes lightness and feeling free like the hot air balloon or the Colibri? Even for a loved one in her thirties, you can choose an elegant decorated diary to leave her free to write her thoughts on life's passages. A gift for a birthday as important as a 50th is highly appreciated by a girlfriend or wife with difficult and sophisticated tastes, and an elegant and charming photo album is an idea that will be used forever. For 50-year-olds, decorated music boxes and trunks are a pleasure to use and keep in plain sight at home. For an 80-year-old, on the other hand, whether he is a parent, a distant relative or a father-in-law, it is important to know that he will surely be a person who already has everything, and it is normal sometimes not to know what to give, Think about the passions he had as a young man , and look for a gift inherent in Art, or Music, or a symbol that brings you back to his youth, so that you can celebrate his eightieth anniversary with serenity.

The Degree and the Master
Even when celebrating a degree it can be difficult to decide what to give to the graduate student. It is definitely a special day for a university student. If you want to honor the thesis, you can find out about what was brought, or better still give something inherent to the profession that the future graduate will make: for example the Ancient Herbarium will be perfect for Pharmacists, Doctors and Nurses, while the 
Tuscan Almanac or Medieval and Vintage style notebooks will be perfect for a history scholar. For those who have worked in the history of art, it is possible to choose from many ideas inspired by the greatest Italian artists of the past, From Botticelli to Michelangelo, in the Sketch books, in the Drawing Albums and in the elegant Notebooks with liberty decorations.

The Gift Items always perfect for elegant people and the most special occasions
The main tips when you have to give a difficult and important gift are always the simplest: think about what the gift recipient loves, his hobbies, his preferences, and give something that you also like first of all, since the felt present is the gift that works best of all. The best thoughts for a boyfriend or husband who has been promoted to work can only be a gold-plated or chrome-plated wooden pen. For those who love art you can choose between the inlaid mechanical pencils for freehand drawing or technical drawing, all handmade in inlaid wood. For a special occasion such as admission to the Conservatory it may be wise to choose an allegory to Music such as the Musical Instruments Clock or the Carillon Box. For those who have just made their debut in the Show, whether it is Theater or Television, the wooden Boccascena Decorative are very original ideas.