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Only true Florentine craftsmanship handmade in our Florence workshop, with ancient restorative techniques.

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What to give to musicians and lovers of classical, opera, opera and chamber music? How to celebrate a special event of a romantic and refined person? The boxes and our musical and music-themed objects will surprise even the person with the most difficult tastes! Discover all our tips on the best handcrafted gifts at the bottom of the page!

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Italian Music
Among the Italian arts that have made history in the world, one of the greatest has been the musical one. Opera, opera, chamber music, classical, even to the light of the last century, Italy has distinguished itself for its quality, innovation and musical flair it has been able to give to world culture. We can say that even a lot of the music that has spread around the world has the Made in Italy production certificate, like our artisan creations!

Authentic Florentine and Italian craftsmanship
Florence has always been the cradle of Art and the Renaissance, the inspiring muse of many artists and musicians, and the same craftsmanship has been influenced in turn. The marvel of the history of Florence and Italy has shaped manual art up to the present day, and still today you can breathe the tradition and centuries-old experience in the best shops of the Florentine historic center. We at L'Arte de 'Ciompi, as a shop and as an artisan workshop, give our contribution, and the best reviews of Florentine customers and tourists give prestige and satisfaction to our work, and also to that of our parents and grandparents. In our family generations of artisans and restorers have worked with leather, wood and paper, and even today in our unique pieces of craftsmanship you can still breathe all the knowledge, secrets and decades-long traditions that have never abandoned our craftsmanship, the real ancient Made in Italy of Florence of our laboratory.

Music and Art for original and unique gifts
When the manual side meets the artistic and musical side, a marriage destined to last forever is celebrated. We have created a collection dedicated to Musicians and to all lovers of Music and History. If you want to give a special gift to a sophisticated woman, our advice is the beautiful handcrafted wooden music boxes: these are romantic boxes made entirely by hand with the techniques of ancient restoration, with a vintage and very elegant style and look. The Music Boxes are objects that do not clutter, very versatile, useful, beautiful to look at and to keep in plain sight at home. A musician will be enchanted in front of a Music Box with some Musical Instruments reproduced on it (mandolin, flute and score), he will be happy to receive something that reminds him of his passion as a gift. The real Made in Italy becomes an object of furniture and a special gift for special people! Surely a birthday like a fiftieth or a fortieth will sound sweeter to the sensitive ears of a musician who would never get old! The small manual crank music boxes, on the other hand, are precious miniatures also suitable for a more contained gift, small collectible jewels in worked wood that will make you look good without spending a fortune. Perfect handicrafts to thank someone or to inaugurate a new home or a new musical career.

The Theater and the Opera
The stage is the home of every actor, and when the actor is also a singer that's where opera and opera are born. If you have to celebrate the birthday of an actor, a lyricist or an old-style singer, the best gift is the Musical Theater: miniature Boccascena in wood made entirely by hand, with the backdrops of ancient Florence and with Colombina and Pantalone dancing together on the notes and to the rhythm of the music of the music box hidden under the stage. The perfect idea for lovers of classical and traditional music.

The house resounds with craftsmanship
In the room of a musician and a true music lover, it also infects the furniture, if you want to fascinate musicians who already have everything, including guitarists or flutists, and who want to renew their home design, you can make them happy with the Wall clock "Musical Instruments and Colibri". With its faithful reproduction of the "Maggiolini" inlay style with miniaturized zones of various colors, with images of a mandolin, a flute and a score, it will make even the most empty and sad home cheerful and sophisticated. An elegant and fine wall clock to give as a gift on the occasion of the celebration of graduation from the Conservatory, or even graduation from Dams.