Gift ideas for actors and theater lovers. If you are looking for what to give to an actor, actress or acting and dance enthusiasts, the best choice is an object that evokes the environment of dance and acting.
The reproductions of the Boccascena Teatrali (the stage with the scenography) are very elegant and have a decorative effect for furnishings.

Both the Theaters and the Musical Carillon have as characters the Masks of the Commedia dell'Arte: Arlecchino, Pulcinella, Colombina and Pantalone
Our objects are all handmade in Florence, with the ancient Tuscan and Italian techniques that allow you to create unique objects of authentic artistic craftsmanship. Discover the whole OnLine Shop

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The Italian Stage
Opera, Operetta, Theater, Comedy, Drama, Opera, Dance and Ballet: in Italy the stage of the greatest theaters has been trodden by artists from all over the world. Italian Theatrical Art and Opera reached their peak at the end of the 19th century, and are still famous all over the world today. In Florence the most famous theaters have been guests of the greatest and most important artists. And this city, like many in Italy, has become a symbol of theatrical art.

The perfect gift
What can be donated to an actor or actress? Nothing better than a wooden reproduction of a Florentine proscenium, with its characters from the Commedia dell'Arte Italiana. The Commedia dell'Arte, poised between Italy and France, has given rise to theater and comedy and to characters that will make the history of the stage. Theaters and singers of classical and lyrical opera will be amazed in front of the hand-made wooden Carillon Theaters, pieces of authentic Italian high quality craftsmanship. Who loves to dance, especially for ballet dancers and dancers, will be delighted to receive as a gift a notebook, a photo album or a wooden trunk with the image of dancing angels, elegant and fine decoration for the most refined tastes.