For those who cultivate a passion for the Word, Written Art and Literature

Special gifts chosen for those who love to write by hand, writers, poets and dreamers of the world. The Fountain Pens and Leather Notebooks are handmade in Florence in our Laboratory, and now also for sale Online.

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Of course, now computers, tablets and phones have taken root for everything from letters, to phone calls, to the shopping list. But something they will never have is the pleasure of writing by hand. Nothing compares to the pen that runs on a white sheet, to creating letters and words that will then go together wonderfully to create something bigger and more important. And this is well known by all those people who have not yet lost the love for handwriting, for the blank pages of an intact notebook, for fascinating personal diaries. Sometimes someone still dares to write beautiful and long letters, maybe they are no longer sent, but they are delivered by hand, or attached to a gift, or hiding in strategic places to let the recipient find them. Today we can perhaps use the computer to buy writing objects online, from handcrafted fountain pens to handmade leather notebooks.

Gifts for Writers

 Poets are romantic and imaginative people. Often they are caught up in the inspiration of writing in a sudden way, while they are in a park, on a bus or at work. The most important thing in that moment is to have something to write on, or you will lose that sudden thrill forever: if you are looking for a gift especially for a Poet, then with a Soft Cover Leather Notebook you will be sure to make a very useful gift! A travel notebook, soft and practical, in which to keep a pen inside, always ready for use. Leather covers are personal diaries also designed for travelers and dreamers who never stop, for work or for vacation. They can be carried in your suitcase and bag always with you, with convenient pockets to keep the sheets and tickets not to be missed. Writers and poets will love being able to have a notebook of notes always at hand, in which to write and draw sketches of ideas and brain storms. The Gel Pens in Solid Wood are beautiful and truly original, beautiful, fascinating and unique in their kind, they are beautiful to take with you but also to keep displayed on a desk in your personal or work study. And if you want to spend a little less, you can discover the beautiful Roller Ball Pens in solid wood, also worked on a lathe, which can only be purchased via video call, since they are all unique and different pieces every time, as well as numerous, two for every possible type of wood, from apple, poplar, plane tree to boxwood, so it is impossible for us to photograph them all!

Gifts for Special Occasions
Here you can discover all the most beautiful Craft Gift Ideas suitable for a special unrepeatable occasion, from a degree to a retirement. Collectibles that will be loved by every poet or writer or novelist, as can be a present much appreciated by a journalist, as well as by a doctor or a novice or already established lawyer. For graduates in Literature and Philosophy it will be a great satisfaction to have an object as a gift in which they can test their studies and passions. For these special events, Fountain Pens are perfect gifts, they are luxurious and prestigious, and are perfect for writing and signing, and well appreciated by doctors and professors who love to write and take notes. The hardcover leather notebooks are perfect to be displayed as a collector's item in a bookcase, on a shelf or in a showcase at home, they will be part of the elegant and refined furniture, be it vintage, rustic, antique or modern . A charming gift for lovers of writing and elegance.

For Collectors
Collectors are not simple to be satisfied, they only want the best of traditional Florentine, Tuscan and Italian craftsmanship, and among our creations they can find only unique and inimitable objects in beauty and quality. Luxury pens with Italian woods, exotic woods, curious woods (such as the inside of corn), all in beautiful colors, mirror polished anti-wear. Each luxury pen has a different cut of the wood grain and each pen is a unique collector's item, and will be a beautiful gift of true hand made, made in Italy with the highest quality Tuscan materials. Discover on our site all the pens for sale Online on our dedicated portal.