Our selections for Man, even for the masculine most difficult tastes

All creations are handmade in our workshop in Florence, with the techniques of traditional Florentine craftsmanship and Florentine restoration of the past.

We use the knowledge and love for antiques to create original ideas for any special occasion. To see all the items for sale in E-Commerce, visit the On-Line Shop

From the loving Dad, to the irreplaceable husband, to the caring grandfather, to the trusted friend, to the office colleague: every man has his tastes, and if they are difficult tastes, the best gift idea is always the unique and special object of authentic Italian craftsmanship, something that is useful, never goes out of style, and that is always appreciated at any age.

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Gifts for him 

 Our artisan workshop in Florence specializes in handcrafted gift items. We use the taste of beauty and antiquity to create original ideas for every special occasion and for every particular person. Here you will find the most beautiful and specific ideas for men, which express and give strength, elegance and safety. They are all gifts in particular for HIM: prestigious and masculine. A boyfriend, partner or husband will be happy with a precious wooden fountain pen, original and different from all the others. Precious gifts for men, carefully chosen. To give something that is always original. 

 Gifts for Dad Dad 

always remains the most important man in his life! And when you are looking for an idea for a special gift for a special day, from birthday, to a Father's Day, until the day he retires, the best gift is always the one handmade with the heart. And if it is a gift for the grandfather, the second father of the family, perhaps for a seventieth or eightieth, the gift becomes even more special. A father or a grandfather will be breathless in front of the books on the Tuscan tradition and on the recipes of herbs, plants and flowers of the Antico Erbario, timeless precious objects that will make us remember forever. To celebrate the birthday or an important day of a parent or a special man, there is nothing better than a luxury handcrafted gift in inlaid wood, such as a lucky egg or a giant collectible top. The Theater with Pinocchio or the Portafoto is a wonderful surprise for Father's Day, or "Santa", as they say in Tuscany, or even Grandfather's Day!

Gifts for Relatives 

 Sometimes with relatives you never know how to behave, whether from a close relative to a distant relative that we never see if not at Christmas. When it comes to celebrating, it is important to think of a fine, elegant and useful gift. In our Online Shop you will find the most useful tips to be able to make a gift designed and right for the person who is celebrating. If it is a brother's birthday, he will find his sister's love in an elegant and refined leather notebook finely decorated with Florentine images. A cousin and an uncle, whether distant or close to the heart, will be speechless in front of vintage and antique-style leather bound notebooks as a graduation gift. Gifts for a Friend or acquaintance 

 We know our friends well, and if we are looking for a special gift, which makes a good impression without spending too much, and which is an authentic piece of high quality Italian craftsmanship, we cannot help but look on the Online Craft Store, and ours it is the most authentic in all of Italy. The leather cases will leave any artist friend in awe. The best friend's boyfriend will be thrilled with a nice pen for graduation day. Colleague's birthday will become unforgettable with leather notebook covers. 

 Gifts for the day of the Retirement 

 For a man, retirement day is a very special day. It is important to choose the gift well to celebrate properly, even if it is about celebrating a person who lives far away. From dad, to husband, to partner, to a colleague who cares a lot, he will be forever grateful at the sight of a photo album on the day he retires. For lesser-known colleagues it is a very good idea to collect collections, or even called group gifts, so as to be able to give something beautiful, expensive and elegant without spending exaggerated amounts and making everyone look good in the office.