History, meaning and divination of the Complete Arcanas Sola Busca Tarot



The title “Sola-Busca” attributed to this important Tarot deck is linked to the name of the noble Milanese family, which preserved them until 2009, when the composed correspondence was purchased by the Italian State.
The history of the Sola Busca Tarot is very compelling given that it is the only fifteenth-century deck that has survived intact to the present day. The original is currently kept at the Pinacoteca Brera in Milan.
Recently the authorship of the work of Sola Busca has been associated with the Florentine painter Nicola di Mastro Antonio (Florence 1448- Ancona 1511), who is said to have engraved the 78 images around 1491. The images were engraved on copper matrices and reproduced on paper, and The number of reproductions made is unknown.
It is certain that the Sola Busca Tarot was reserved for several people. But today it is believed that the color version was first commissioned by the Venetian nobleman Marin Sanudo, son of Leonardo Sanudo, Senator of the Republic of Venice.

The most fascinating aspect of the Sola-Busca Tarot are the Major Arcana, which have nothing to do with the more famous Tarot of Marseille. In this work the Triumphs portray kings and heroes of the Greco-Roman era and biblical myths, offering us a different symbolic language, which offers new ideas for interpretation and reflection.
As regards the Minor Arcana, the numeral and figurative cards of the Court mix fantastic scenes with episodes of everyday life. In this case the symbols undergo variations compared to other decks of cards. It is possible to say that there are nuances that can easily be traced back to the traditional suits: Discs for Coins, Clubs for Sticks, Amphorae for Cups, while Swords, on the other hand, remain unchanged.


There are various reading methods from the most complex such as the Celtic cross to 2 or 3 card methods which can offer equally compelling interpretations. Ask a simple and clear question, you have Tarot cards, mix the cards available on the table and make your draw.

3 Card Method:
The cards are read from left to right, 1 represents the past, the central card the current situation, 3 the opportunities that can open up in front of you.

Reading example:
Is it the right time to evaluate a new job opportunity?
Card 1: Five of Clubs
Card 2: Sixth
Card 3: Yacht
First card: The Five of Clubs shows a heavy moment, in which the stimuli or interest in what one does is lost.
Second card: Sesto warns that the time to act has not yet come, but rather to clarify one's ideas. With a well-defined goal it will be possible to achieve happiness.
Third card: Panfilo invites, once clarity is gained on one's desires, not to stand still and to take as many actions as possible. We must keep in mind that a negative response is not a defeat, but a step closer to the desired goal.

2 Card Method:
The first card represents the situation you are in and what you need to understand. The second is advice for achieving your goal.

Reading example:
What can I do to improve my financial situation?
Card 1: Fool
Card 2: Three of Discs
The Fool shows us a relaxed person who faces situations with a sense of lightness, without taking on any kind of responsibility and who tends not to observe what he is surrounded by, or even worse, who delegates his responsibilities by telling himself that tomorrow will be a improve.
The Three of Discs suggests managing what you have well and paying attention to waste. It also invites us to act without being afraid of the hardships that will have to be faced, because only by taking this path will it be possible to re-establish a healthy relationship with money and, therefore, solve problems.



Thanks to our trusted consultant Federico Jeantet we have updated our flyers to the most contemporary interpretations from 05/06/2024

MAJOR ARCANA (indicated with Roman numerals)

The 22 Trumps of the Sola-Busca Tarot are composed of male figures, however each character can refer to a man or a woman of any age. Each of these characters is your alter ego, and depending on the type of reading you adopt, it can represent your state of mind or that of a person with whom you are in a relationship. 

Alternatively, again depending on the question, each character can symbolize a situation you are dealing with, for example a job. If you want to do a more detailed and accurate reading it is important to pay attention to the gestures of each character, and to what is in his hand or around him. Armor, shields and helmets express the defenses that each person puts in place in certain situations. Swords, on the other hand, represent emotional aspects, but also aggression. Some characters have a crown or headdress on their heads, respectively a symbol of power and a symbol of glory.

0. Mad man

“A musician plays lonely.”
It points the way to knowledge. The Fool is the archetype of the mystic.

Upright Card: Free Spirit; rejection of every social convention. 

Reversed card: Neurosis; loss of contact with reality; personality disorders. 

Advice: Every madness must be controlled by rationality. Give yourself a goal but be ready to change it.

Keywords: Dreams. Extravagances. Revelations. Discovery. Invention. Delusions.

I. Panfilio
“A man walks quickly .”

This is M. Beldio Panfilo called Panfilo, which means benevolent towards everyone.
Straight card: Determination; will to achieve the set goal.
Excessive exuberance; haste that makes one unable to see details.
Advice: Impatience risks making oneself and others nervous.
Keywords: Movement. Research. Decisive action to achieve a goal.

II. Postumio
“A flowering club in front of a tomb.”
The character depicted is Lucius Postumius Albinus, his motto is: “Dragged by destinies.”

Straight card: Endurance; ability to overcome a painful situation.
Reversed card: Fatalism; inability to react to stress.
Advice: Don't look at the past. We need to cultivate our talents to improve the future.
Keywords: Renewal. Clear vision. Embrace your limits. Fatalism. Social security.

III. Lenpio
“A warrior in front of a bowl of blood.”
The character depicted has not been identified with certainty, but expresses a message of awareness.

Upright card: Awareness of having made a serious mistake.
Reversed card: Remorse that blocks every action.
Advice: There is no point in crying over spilled milk, but we need to understand how it happened.
Keywords: Regrets for wrong actions. Suffering. Unexpected privations. Remorse. Unrealizable projects.

IIII. Mario
“A Warrior observes the sky.”
This is Gaius Marius and he represents the concepts of the masculine of strength and war often combined with the planet of Mars.

Straight card: Strong individualism; self-protection instinct.
Reversed card Shyness; fear of giving into other people's prejudices.
Advice: It is right to free desires but they must be dominated with rationality.
Keywords: Self-defense. Controlled aggression. Internal or external conflict. Fight against temptations.

V. Catulo
“A wounded soldier with a wreath holds a scale.”
The character depicted is Gaius Lutatius Catulus, he was the first plebeian to obtain the position of consul.

Upright card: Balance; external help that pushes you to overcome a difficult moment.
Reversed card: Fussiness; obsessiveness in controlling every situation.
Advice: There are situations in which it is better not to be too fussy.
Keywords: Victory. Analysis of your capabilities. Loss of energy.

VI. Sesto
“A soldier with a torch and winged feet.”
The character depicted can be identified as Sextus Pompey, son of Pompey the Great. The staff of power is entrusted to him.

Upright card: Creativity; brilliant personality, eager to broaden social relationships.
Reversed card: Anxiety; sense of inadequacy with respect to a person or a situation.
Advice: Better to show yourself for who you really are, with strengths and weaknesses.
Keywords: Clarify your objectives. Investigation. Moment of reflection. Communications. Situations to review.

VII. Deo Tauro
“A warrior in triumph on a throne.”
The card depicts Deiotarus, tetrarch of Galatia in Asia Minor, ally of the Roman Republic.

Upright card: Spirit of conquest; desire to overcome one's limits.
Reversed card: Indifference; inability to deal with others.
Advice: Need for an immediate decision.
Keywords: Recognitions. Objectives achieved. Triumph. Inner peace. Conflicts resolved.

VIII. Nerone
“A man throws a child into the flames.”
The card evokes the Roman emperor Nero. Tradition has it that he is remembered as the arsonist who set Rome on fire.

Straight card: Self-critical spirit; ability to recognize one's wrong actions.
Reversed card: Brazenness; rudeness; excessive impetuosity; verbal or physical violence.
Advice: Avoid acting in a potentially offensive or violent manner.
Keywords: Quick temper. Vendetta. Violence. Uncertain thoughts. Confusion.

VIIII. Falco
“A king on his knees observes the sky.”
The character depicted is Quinto Sosio Falcone, consul. Hawk shares its etymological origin with “sickle” due to the nails and crescent-shaped wings.

Upright card: Foresight; actions consistent with the set objectives.
Reversed card: Self-centeredness; disregard for the thoughts or problems of others.
Advice: We need to listen to more voices and observe the world from various points of view.
Keywords: Thanksgiving. Recognition of one's own values. Submission. Limit.

X. Venturio
“A soldier with wings on his feet raises a hand.”
We continue with a character who does not have a precise historical location.

Straight card: Timeliness; intelligence ready to seize opportunities immediately.
Reversed card: Impatience; inability to tolerate the same situation for long.
Advice: Sometimes it is useful to stop and fully experience a situation.
Keywords: Starting a business. Shift. Novelty. Voyage.

XI. Tulio
“ A man meditates in the night.”
The gens Tulia had two illustrious characters, Sergio Tullio and Marco Tullio Cicero. It is believed, however, that the second, Marcus Tullius Cicero, is depicted here.

Straight card: Optimism; ability to find the good side of things.
Reversed card: Closure; excessively defensive attitude.
Advice: Come out of your shell, but with caution.
Keywords: Face your fears. Uncertainties. Discordant thoughts. Reflect.

XII. Carbone
“ An old man walks under the waning moon.”
his is Gaius Papirius Carbone, who had the popularly inspired Lex tabularia approved, the first form of secret ballot.

Straight paper: Curiosities; willingness to seek the truth everywhere.
Reversed card: Superstition; excessive trust in the revelations that come from the darkness.
Advice: The light of rationality can bring clarity to every aspect of life.
Keywords: Illuminate the dark points. Comfort area. Difficulty in dialogue.

XIII. Catone
“A soldier in front of the killed enemy.”
Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis was an honest and upright character.

Straight card: Strength of soul; overwhelming personality.
Reversed card: Violence; tendency to use force.
Advice: In every situation, even negative, there is a positive side.
Keywords: Difficulty. Accident. Repentance.

XIIII. Bocho
“A warrior on his knees behind a shield.”
Bocco was king of Mauritania, and his decisions were always unstable.

Straight card: Patience; peaceful submission; acceptance of the will of others.
Reversed card: Frustration; impediment due to a superior power.
Advice: Limit your ego without humiliating yourself or belittling your abilities.
Keywords: Defense. Shame. Mortification. Protection. Justification. Instability.

XV. Metelo
“A man controls the fire of a lamp.”
The character depicted could be Lucius Caecilius Metellus, who won over Hasdrubal during the First Punic War.

Straight card: Self-control; ability to dominate instincts, desires and drives.
Reversed card: Irascibility; suspicious and grumpy character; desire for revenge.
Advice: Holding back energy too much risks causing it to suddenly explode.

Keywords: Protection. Lighting. Passionality. Life energy. Passion. Concentration.

XVI. Olivo.
“A king facing a monster.”
No olive tree has been handed down to us in Roman history. From an alchemical point of view, oil is a symbol of regeneration.

Upright card: Creativity; ability to give brilliant ideas.
Reversed card: Pride; detached and haughty attitude.
Advice: You need to share and compare your ideas with other people.
Keywords: Overcoming fears. Strategy. Openness to Dialogue. Intelligence.

XVII. Ipeo.
“An old man evokes a spirit.”
The iconography of the card represents Hippia Helio, he was one of the greatest sophists of ancient Greece.

Upright card: Spirituality; mysticism; trust in the power of prayer; love for nature.
Reversed card: Irrationality; tendency to distort reality on the basis of ideologies or religious beliefs.
Advice: Use your energies to protect yourself and others.
Keywords: Guidance. Advise. Important communications. Friendship.

XVIII. Lentulo
“An officiant prepares for prayer.”
Lentulo is the name of one of the most important families of Cornelia. Forty-four people will bear this name. The depiction is reminiscent of a sage or a philosopher.

Upright card: Confidentiality; extreme discretion regarding one's ideals, goals and actions.
Reversed card: Ambiguity; hidden activities without everyone knowing.
Advice: There are secrets that should be shared with a few trusted people.
Keywords: Tradition. Inheritance. Habits. Teaching.

XVIIII. Sabino
“A king scans the sky.”
Most likely the character depicted is Teofilo Sabino. The Gospel and the acts of the Apostle Luke are dedicated to him.

Upright card: Foresight; waiting for the right moment to implement a project.
Reversed card: Indecision; continuously postponing a choice or the realization of a project.
Advice: Look in the present for signs of changes that are about to occur.
Keywords: Advice. Advice. Social security. Foresight. Secrets.

XX. Nenbroto
“A man struck by lightning.”
Nembròd, a great hunter in the sight of God, is a descendant of Ham. It appears in Genesis 10.8-12. The idea for the construction of the Tower of Babel is attributed to him.

Upright card: Audacity; determination to achieve the set goal.
Reversed card: Pride; contrast with powerful and dangerous enemies.
Advice: Evaluate your personal abilities. Limit pride.
Keywords: Tension. Defeat. Betrayal. Warning. Punishment. Construction.

XI. Nabuchodenasor
“A king is immersed in the earth threatened by a dragon.”
Nabuchodenasor was a 7th century Babylonian ruler, famous for the conquest and destruction of Jerusalem and Solomon's temple.

Upright card: Consistency; adaptation to changes.
Reversed card: Inaction; rejection of changes; stagnation.
Advice: We need to get unstuck, get out of stagnation and prepare for a new reality.
Keywords: Closure. Transformation. Imprisonment. End of a cycle. Destruction.

Thanks to our trusted consultant Federico Jeantet we have updated our flyers to the most contemporary interpretations from 05/06/2024


MINOR ARCANA (indicated with Arabic numerals)


The seed of the records is linked above all to the material sphere. Here you also find the awareness of who you are.

Ace of Discs
“An angel holds a gold record”
Moment of great luck.
Keywords: Success. Favorable situation.

2 of Discs
“Two medals united”
Success is linked to collaboration.
Keywords: Belonging. Property. Search for protection. Guarantees. Collaboration. Accumulation.

3 of Discs
“A boy holds a basket”
Great effort leads to great results.
Keywords: Preparations. Effort that leads to great results.

4 of Discs
“A naked woman carries a heavy basin”
Don't be afraid to show yourself for what you are, help will come from outside.
Keywords: Generosity. Scholar. Consultant. Analyst. Help. Truth.

5 of Discs
“A man in disguise performs strange actions”
Mysterious intentions.
Keywords: Creativity. Research. Reserved. Mystery. Secret.

6 of Discs
“A man beats a plate on an anvil”
The search for perfection.
Keywords: Discipline. Precision. Communication.

7 of Discs
“A man working on a stove”
Big changes coming.
Keywords: Purification. Change. New balance.

8 of Discs
“A skull under a basket”
Don't hide, bring out your knowledge.
Keywords: Inertia. Apathy. Self-closure.

9 of Discs
“A man in the flames under a boiler”
Burning defeat.
Keywords: Pain. Failure. Awareness.

10 of Discs
“An angel opens a chest full of dishes”
Revelations, secrets discovered.
Keywords: Discovery. Mystery. Revelation. Secret.

Court figures
Jack of Discs
“A young man holds a bird”
Fear of letting go.
Keywords: Shyness. Fear of confrontation. Hold back. Communications not received.

Knight of Discs – Represented by Sarafino
“A man tries to tame a horse”
Control of one's actions.
Keywords: Limits due to a sense of guilt. Impatience. Discipline. Rules.

Queen of Records – Represented by Elena
“A woman performs a magical rite”
Seeking help within popular beliefs.
Keywords: Seduction. Check. Power of attraction. Magic. Superstition.

King of Discs – Represented by R. Philip the Arab
“A king with the banner of peace”
Act with moderation to maintain a fair balance.
Keywords: Stability. Diplomacy. Peace. Moderation.


The Sign of Swords is linked to our intellect, to the knowledge we have acquired, and to our ability to welcome and face the challenges that life presents us.

Ace of Swords
“A sword held by two people”
Alliance leads to victory.
Keywords: Balance. Harmony. Lucky meeting.

2 of Swords
“A young man listens to an old man”
Take advantage of accumulated experiences or knowledge.
Keywords: Teacher. Learning. Dialogue.

3 of Swords
“Heart pierced by a garland”
Face difficulties with a light heart.
Keywords: Altruism. Suffer for a value. Difficulty.

4 of Swords
“Garland pierced over a skull”
Patience is the virtue of the strong.
Keywords: Sacrifice. Success achieved with effort. Patience.

5 of Swords
“Swords tied inside a vase”
Some brilliant ideas are about to give good results.
Keywords: Receptivity. Creative stimuli.

6 of Swords
“Heavy weapons on the shoulders”
Great efforts that lead nowhere.
Keywords: Frustration. Dispersion of one's talents. Fatigue.

7 of Swords
“Climb over a shield with weapons in hand”
Finding the right strategy to overcome an obstacle.
Keywords: Braggadocio. Useless challenge. Damage to one's image.

8 of Swords
“Of weapons placed inside a flowered vase”
Showing the results of a great victory.
Keywords: Spirit of initiative. Great ideals. Favorable circumstances.

9 of Swords
“Removing the swords from a well”
Finding the right solution allows you to achieve the goal.
Keywords: Solution of a problem. Strategies. Determination.

10 of Swords
“Put your weapons in a sack”
Abound the challenge, moment of reflection.
Keywords: Solitude. Isolation. Chastity. Reflection. Meditation.

Court figures
Page of Swords
“Playing before a sword”
Leisure and rest are essential to understanding.
Keywords: Falling in love. Frivolity. Passion for beauty. Leisure. Comprehension. Distraction.

Knight of Swords – Represented by Amone
“A knight strikes with his sword”
A violent clash is about to take place.
Keywords: Adversity. Fierce battle. Quarrel. Interior conflict.

Queen of Swords – Represented by Gabrielle
“Woman with sword and pen”
She is about to write a new page in her diary.
Keywords: Judgment confidence. Discipline. Severity. Awareness.

King of Swords – Represented by Alexander the Great
“A king with the symbol of power”
Submit to a higher will.
Keywords: Taxation. Influential person.

The seed of the Amphorae represents the entire evolution of our feelings, and how we manage our emotions.

Ace of Amphorae
“Angels dancing on the cup”
Victory and abundance are approaching.
Keywords: Love. Party. Positive evolution.

2 of Amphorae
“A cup balanced on a vase”
Fragile balances. Happiness can be fleeting if it is not well established.
Keywords: Beauty. Artist. New knowledge. Equilibrium.

3 of Amphorae
“Two cups hanging on the branches”
Everyone reaps what he has sown.
Keywords: Harmonious growth. New love. Fertility. Abundance. Collection.

4 of Amphorae
“A naked woman carries a heavy basin”
Great effort brings great honor.
Keywords: Deception. Fear of showing off what you have.

5 of Amphorae
“A man carries five jugs looking at the sky”
Mysterious intentions.
Keywords: Distraction. Betrayal. Poor clarity. Need for rest.

6 of Amphorae
“A man beats a slab on the anvil”
Search for perfection.
Keywords: Embarrassment. Loneliness. Seeking help.

7 of Amphorae
“A man standing on a cup”
Need to show off.
Keywords: Pride. Vanity. Exhibitionism. Desire to conquer.

8 of Amphorae
“Children place amphorae on the floor”
Moments of joyful distraction.
Keywords: Joy. Leisure. Sensuality.

9 of Amphorae
“From the depths of the sea jugs rise towards the sky”
Secrets that are revealed.
Keywords: Rebirth. Renovation. Inheritance.

10 of Amphorae
“A face surrounded by jugs”
Need for deep reflection.
Keywords: Complex situation. Difficulty.

Court figures
Jack of Amphorae
“A young man observes a vase”
Desires for knowledge.
Keywords: Reflection. Learn. Discovery. Conquest.

Knight of Amphorae
“A winged knight offers a helmet”
Precious help must be reciprocated.
Keywords: Protection. Help. Gift. Message.

Queen of Amphorae – Represented by Polisena
“A vase full of snakes”
We must be very cautious.
Keywords: Charm. Sensuality. Dangerous knowledge.

King of Amphorae – Represented by Lucio Cecilio R.
“A king rising from the throne”
It's time to show your strength.
Keywords: Maturity. Responsibility.
The suit of clubs speaks to our primal needs, stewardship, our energies, and our commitment to building a better life.

Ace of Clubs
“Two angels hold a club”
Awaken the strength within oneself.
Keywords: Moral strength. Evolution of a project.

2 of Clubs
“Two crossed clubs”
Have the courage to recognize your limits.
Keywords: Obstacle. Time block. Limit.

3 of Clubs
“A pierced head and a closed mouth”
Observe, think, understand, study, but do not act.
Keywords: Silence. Confidentiality. Secret.

4 of Clubs
“Sticks tied to the head”
Fierce defense of one's knowledge.
Keywords: Strong personality. Selfishness. Ability to impose oneself. Egocentrism. Beliefs.

5 of Clubs
“Five clubs and a pumpkin”
Waste of energy, useless.
Keywords: Lack of imagination. Simple person. Avarice. Rest.

6 of Clubs
“Losing your underwear”
Resources are running out.
Keywords: Dazzle. Evaluation mistake. Escape from reality.

7 of Clubs
“Put the sticks on the ground”
Temporary end to a situation.
Keywords: Rest. Vacation. Breaking the mold. Conclusion.

8 of Clubs
“A flowering vase full of sticks”
Abundance, great satisfaction.
Keywords: Success. Satisfaction. Well being.

9 of Clubs
“Crossing a river”
A bridge opens in front of us, offering us new opportunities.
Keywords: Overcoming an obstacle. New life. Novelty. Voyage.

10 of Clubs
“A portrait on a stump with clubs”
Pride in one's achievements.
Keywords: Self-display. Desire to emerge. Success.

Court figures
Jack of Clubs
“Test the terrain with the stick”
Be careful when moving.
Keywords: Search for independence. Autonomy.

Knight of Clubs – Depicted by Apolino
“A knight indicates a goal”
A goal is about to be achieved.
Keywords: Weighted decisions. Business trip. I change home.

Queen of Clubs – Represents from Palas Pallas
“A Blessing Woman”
Seeking Protection
Keywords: Benevolence. Positive meeting. Protection.

King of Clubs – Represented by Levius Plautus R.
“A king indicates a place”
Follow the instructions to achieve your desires.
Keywords: Courageous choice. Mandatory decision. Rules. Guide.

Texts and explanations by Federico Jeantet, Consultant in Tarology and Numerology.

Thanks to our trusted consultant Federico Jeantet  we have updated our flyers to the most contemporary interpretations from 05/06/2024

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How do we read Tarot cards? Tarot cards are a wonderful form of reflection and contact with oneself, and a pleasant tool for asking the divine for advice. Let us advise you in the right way! The beauty of Sola Busca Tarot is the mistery: no one can be sure of the effective meaning that the Artist wanted to give them. T
hey are hermetic and waiting to be discovered. Sola Busca are different from all types of Tarot known so far, and their history is also fascinating.


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