The mechanics we use are all certified and guaranteed, with a very long life span even with continuous use.

Clock Mechanisms

 The quartz movements of Table and Wall Clocks are made in Germany and powered by an AA battery included in the supply.

Replacing the battery is an extremely simple operation and may be performed when the watch begins to lag behind; the battery lasts about 1 year in wall clocks, table clocks have longer autonomy because they do not have to move the pendulum, but only the second hand.

The hands are made of black aluminum. To change the time it is necessary to move the hands using the wheel on the back; do not move the hands directly, or you risk bending or straining the mechanism.

The clocks are pendulum or table clocks, and the device varies slightly due to the presence of the oscillation mechanism on the first ones.

Clocks and Pendulums
Mechanism of Pendulums and Clocks The back of a Pendulum

Automatic music box mechanisms

These small mechanical jewels are mounted in the Music-box and in the wooden Carillon Theaters. They are made of metal and have a spring loadable through a butterfly placed inside the caskets or on the back of the theaters. The  melody is " The Blue Danube ", the famous waltz by the composer Johann Strauss.

On the theatres the mechanism is connected through a bronze wire to the characters on the stage, making them move in a circular dance.

Big Music-boxes
Musical Theatres
Automatic Dispositive Bronze butterfly of the "Colibrì" Music-box

Manual Mini Carillon mechanisms

Another music box mechanism, entirely made of metal, is activated hand-power with a small external crank, also aged like the wood of the box. The  melody  is the timeless " Greensleeves ", a famous folk refrain.

Holding the box in your hand the sound will be attenuated; keeping it resting on a surface, such as a table or console, the sound will be amplified.

Manual Music-boxes
Manual Dispositive "Musical Instruments" Mini Music-box

Fountain Pens and Mechanical Pencils Mechanisms 

The nib is a M size, of German technology, and is made of gold pleated rhodium. The metallic parts of the pen are in gold plated metal. Precious metals are hypoallergenic materials, and allow a constant use in complete safety.  

The ink refill mechanism has regular interchangeable cartridges, and an additional spare cartridge can be placed inside. The spare part is easily available online with the abbreviation "short universal Tp6 standard", available in different brands and colors.

The pencil holder contains a mechanism designed to contain the HB  hardness lead of large diameter; the cap is removable and contains a small sharpener to redo the tip.

To change the lead just press the mechanism at the bottom to enlarge the mouth, remove the old graphite and insert the new one.

Fountain Pens and Graphites
The Nib of the Fountain Pens A Pen made of different Woods

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A gift that has the flavor of ancient tradition, technological but not too much, just enough to be a truly original gift that knows how to enchant .

These articles that combine craftsmanship with technology are particular because they manage to gracefully marry the class of an ancient object with the vitality of the mechanical movement, the magic of musical notes, the wonder of the precision of the writing mechanisms.