The most beautiful and special books to give and collect

Reprints of the most curious and fascinating Old Books, to give to those who love to read and collect.

Prints and reprints are made with letterpress printing, with antique style binding and cover, all in our workshop in Florence.


Properties of Herbs, Plants, Flowers and Roots



Tuscany: history, curiosities and proverbs of past



Italian and Europeran Festivities and annual Traditions


Some details:

° ANCIENT HERBARIUM: The Ancient Herbarium is an italian book about the medicinal, officinal and culinary properties of plants, flowers , herbs and roots , from the most common to the rarest, up to the poisonous ones, each accompanied by beautiful reproductions of ancient etchings.

Cover made of aged woodpaper, or cowhide suede leather. Rib decorated with the title and the Florentine lily, and closing laces in leather with antique-style buttons.

1500s coloured reproductions of herbs drawings on sheets of parchment paper, whose binding allows them to be removed for exhibitions in frames and showcases. All the book pages are decorated with Florentine ribs.

Beautiful to read and also beautiful to look at, in a style that never leaves you indifferent.

° TUSCAN ALMANAC: The Tuscan Almanac is the absolutely faithful reproduction of the italian book written at the end of the 1700s, and which speaks about all the Tuscan cities with proverbs and idioms, popular traditions, curiosities, refrains, famous people. Each page is enriched with beautiful reproductions of the original ink drawings of the book.

The cover is in aged and decorated woodpaper, and the rib is in leather, decorated with the hot-pressed title. The internal pages are all decorated on the edges with a coloured floral motif, the typical Florentine rib.

A book to read and reread, fun and curious about the Tuscan traditions, perfects for those who want to learn italian language. Wonderful to display in a library, on consoles or in display cabinets.

° THE MASQUE OF DAYS: The Mask of Days is the reproduction of an ancient book of 1901, made using the original fables of the Englishman Charles Lamb, illustrated by the artist Walter Crane.

The New Year throws a party in its castle by inviting all the Festivities: from Christmas to Easter, and all canonical days, from the Wedding and Salary Day, to the First of May, up to the Day of the Dead. These characters meet, talk, quarrel and discuss with each other, giving us a happy and funny story.

The beautiful images are in Liberty style, also called Art Deco' : romantic, fascinating and evocative, make this book an unmissable collector's item.



Printed with natural colours or watercoloured by hands

Available only in the shop and not possible to be shipped, we produce:
° Natural colours prints on rigid cardboard with images of Sibyls and Prophets by Michelangelo, Months of the Year by Mitelli and Ancient Maps of Florence, Europe and the World.
° Lithographs on cotton paper of landscapes of Florence;
° Hand watercolored lithographs of ancient landscapes of Florence, in A6 size and long giant size (see photo).

The leather is handmade and pressed with fire-press using ancient techniques, and the paper is all of the highest quality.

The leather colours may be just different on the individual pieces, as well as the declared measurements may have a tolerance of a few millimeters, demonstrating and guaranteeing the authentically handmade production in the laboratory and in the workshop .

Discover also the construction secrets and the books contents here below

Special Books: Ancient and Mysterious Books
There is nothing more beautiful than give as a gift a new edition of an ancient book, especially when it comes to tradition, culture and knowledge. The most beautiful books to give as gifts are those timeless objects that lend themselves to adorn a shelf or desk in an elegant and fascinating way, that can be read with taste and fun, and that are beautiful to keep at home and to display in a study. . The strangest and most particular books that you have never seen before are only in our art workshop in Florence! Each book is hand built, printed with natural colors with the original ancient images, and hand bound in leather or paper with symbols and decorations in medieval or Renaissance style. Unique and unreproducible objects, of authentic craftsmanship handmade in Italy!
Books to give as a present
To make a very original gift, unique and full of charm, a beautiful memory capable of surprising and leaving you breathless, you need to give a vintage book! Surely a nice surprise that makes a pharmacist, herbalist or any other profession of doctor happy. Bound in stiff paper or leather, decorated with the images and style of yesteryear, which looks truly antique. If you want a unique and unforgettable gift idea for graduation or retirement, the perfect book is not among the famous titles, it is not in the bookstore or on a used book stall, it is in our shop of reproductions of medieval and Renaissance antiques. In our shop in the historic center of Florence you will find reproductions of ancient books that will be highly appreciated by people who love antiquity, or history, or collectibles, or curious and unique objects that are not easily found on the market, or just everything that is beautiful, is fun to read and is elegant to display in the house.