Folders to hold and catalog photographs - Sketch containers of sheets or drawing pad


Cheerful and nice hard albums



Elegant and refined rigid albums



Artistic and fascinating sketchbooks


Some details:

° ALBUM PINOCCHIO FOR DRAWINGS AND PHOTOGRAPHS: The cover image is part of our series "Pinocchio and Florence monuments". The rib is in cowhide leather, and the closure lace is a typical model of the folders of yesteryear.

° Photo Albums: 30 pages , all with protective tissue, and the spacing of the rib between the individual pages is designed to have a uniform volume when filled with the photos.

° Drawing Albums: internal housing to insert the sketch pad and notebook of standard A5 size, with smooth paper for drawing sketches and writing freehand notes, and a HB pencil in the special internal slot. The format of the notebook is easily available and you can replace it with another one with striped pages for writing or squares for drawings in scale, or even embossed paper for watercoulors etc.

Available with: °The Florence Cathedral ° The Doors of the Duomo ° The Ponte Vecchio

° LEATHER PHOTO ALBUMS: Collectors for Photos and Images, with external decorations pressed using and ancient hot-press. The internal rigid paper sheets are all decorated on the corners with the ink-pressed classica florentin decoration. 
The rib is rigid and bigger to keep the silhouette when the photos will be all folded inside. In the first page there is a mark in leather with the Symbol of Florence.
The external decorations are: ° Llily of Ancient Florence ° Angel's Dance by Donatello
The Albums are in two types of different sizes:
° Hard-Covered Big Albums 
° Soft Covered Giant Albums

° MICHELANGELO ALBUM FOR DRAWINGS: The images are re-editions of Michelangelo's Prophets and Sibyls paintings, painted on the vault of the Sistine Chapel: °Delphica °Daniel °Libya °Jeremiah °Eritreha. For an architect or at least a creative who loves to draw, there is no better thought than Michelangelo's drawings.

The cover  is printed with natural colours on treated and aged woodpaper. The rib is made of leather and the closure is enveloping type, a closure model typical of the Renaissance.

Inside a package of about 7 cardboard sheets suitable for watercolour or oil painting, bound with a thread, and a HB pencil with Florentine lily leather decoration marked in relief.




The sketch-books are created to be used open, folded on themselves, for quick drawing, for sketches and for notes.

The rib and the details are all in real natural cowhide leather, and each piece is cut and assembled by hand. Our workshop logo is printed on the Photo Albums and Sketches back.

If you are interested in having two or more pieces to exhibit one next to the other, it is essential to make the purchase in the same order: the leather always has the same color but inevitably different shades for each batch, a guarantee of originality and true craftsmanship.

Drawing and Photographing
Reproducing the visible (and not!) Reality on a sheet of paper. Here is the photography and the drawing. If you are looking for a photo album, elegant or fun, that is handmade in Italy, you will love our Photo Albums! Each of our objects is a piece of authentic Florentine craftsmanship, and the attention to detail and the Renaissance inspiration of each object testifies to this. The leathers, the ancient and now forgotten closing technologies, the details, the decorations, all denotes the excellence of the craftsmanship of Florence and Tuscany! When it comes to sketchbooks, the inspiration is totally artistic. We have created the sketchbooks of a true Renaissance artist, with the most beautiful images of the prophets and sibyls of the great Michelangelo, which the Florentine artist created in Rome, but which Florence still boasts as the cradle of his skill.
To give away
If you want to give a beautiful and stylish gift, you have to take a look in our artisan workshop, the realm of artistic craftsmanship and the ancient Italian Renaissance. These images of Pinocchio al Duomo and Ponte Vecchio are ideal to satisfy a lover of Florence and Pinocchio. Michelangelo is perfect for those who love classical art, tradition and one of the most famous Florentine artists in history. 
Tender and refined gift idea for a child and perfect and elegant for an adult, both artist or aspiring one. Inspiration for every special occasion even for a boy or girl such as birth or baptism, a gift that stands over time and makes you remember. Collecting and cataloging photos means tidying up your memories and enjoying them by reliving them. Physically handling and ordering photos gives a pleasure and relaxation that a digital screen cannot even dream of.