A series of articles inspired by the most loved and famous puppet in the world

Pinocchio is the character invented  by Carlo Lorenzini in 1883, born in the heart of Florence. He was called with the nickname Collodi in honour of the town where he used to spend his summer holidays, in his grandparents' farm. 

Discover our Crafts Shop in Florence, where you will find two unique collections of items dedicated to Pinocchio, both rigorously artisan and totally Made in Florence by our family"Pinocchio goes to Florence" and "Pinocchio Antico".

  • Effetto fotografico del Duomo e immagine su cartolina
Foto di una cartolina di Pinocchio in Mongolfi
    Fondale Duomo e Campanile
  • Castello formato da carte per giocatori e box contenitori con grillo parlante
    Carte per giocare messe a formare un castello
  • Esposizione di parte di carte da gioco con contenitore aperto e grillo sulla prima carta
    Box carte pinocchio ed esposizione carte
  • Chiusura a nodo con filo di alcantara su contenitore per gioco di carte medie
    Primo piano di un contenitore carte Pinocchio
  • Chiusura a laccio di pelle con piccolo cilindro sempre di pelle a chiudere il laccio tirato
    Particolare delle asole in pelle
  • Marchio de L’ Arte de’ Ciompi – Firenze sul basso della copertina del retro album
    Marchio aziendale su carta
  • Foto frontale dove si vede l’ immagine di Pinocchio che pesca dalla spalletta del Lungarno a FIrenze
    Vista Ponte Vecchio
  • Album sketch con disegno di Pinocchio che vola in mongolfiera sul cupolone del Duomo
    Sketch di lato sotto
  • Album con blocco e la matita per disegnare con immagine di Pinocchio che guarda con il cannocchiale
    Sketch soggetto Mongolfiera
  • Album con costola di pelle con bella immagine del lampione tipico del lungarno a Firenze
    Sketch soggetto Ponte
  • Vista del disegno duomo di firenze posta sul coperchio del cofanetto musicale
    Coperchio di music box con duomo-firenze
  • Si vedono due carillon grandi uno visto da fuori e l’altro internamente con l’opera di Lorenzini e l
    Carillon mongolfiera chiuso e aperto
  • Insieme di carillon automatici ed a manovella relativi a una marionetta bugiarda
    Tre music grandi e due piccoli di Pinocchio
  • Mettitutto di pinocchio-ponte-vecchio con suono presentato sia chiuso che internamente
    Scrigno -suono aperto e chiuso con ponte
  • Ripresa dall’alto del coperchio riguardante la scatola musicale di Pinocchio che pesca a firenze
    Ponte-vecchio sul coperchio del cofanetto musicale
  • Cofanetto di legno colorato a gommalacca che contiene le carte da gioco di Pinocchio
    Scatola di legno per carte gioco
  • Astuccio di legno chiuso con immagine Pinocchio al Ponte Vecchio e 3 matite
    piccolo cofanetto chiuso con carillon
  • Mini-carillon a manovella con il soggetto di Pinocchio
    musica a mano soggetto Pinocchio
  • Coperchio del vano contenitore di maccanismo carillon a molla con immagine di Pinocchio che pesca
    Dettaglio Ponte Vecchio

The original "Pinocchio goes to Florence"

The series is called " Pinocchio goes to Florence " and is made up of very tender images of the teenage puppet and prankster who lives and walks through the streets and monuments of Florence and the Tuscan countryside, with views of the most famous places in his city: Pinocchio flies in a hot air balloon over a suggestive view of the Duomo of Florence, fishing in the Arno river in front of the Ponte Vecchio, strolling in the market of Piazza Santa Maria del Fiore in front of the Duomo, playing in Piazza Santa Croce, enjoying the sun on the Tuscan hills, discovering reading in the rural villages .

The images were conceived by us and created by our Italian artist Denise de Giorgis in the fine style of watercolor and Indian ink.

With this series we have created several articles about Pinocchio that you can buy on line, all absolutely Made-in-Italy, or better, Made-in-Florence.


54 Playing cards laminated and die-cut in our workshop, in original wooden box. 

All 14 different designs of Pinocchio in the most famous squares and places of Florence and in romantic glimpses of the Tuscan hills. The Joker is a nice talking cricket with jacket and top hat. 

All different images rich in details, an unmissable collector's piece for card and Pinocchio lovers.

Hard covered books and folders with ancient closures, for different purposes:

° Rigid 30-page photo book with tissue paper, with rib and original medieval-style leather binding.

° Drawing album with hard cover and rib and leather details, with a housing to insert a sketch pad or freehand sketch (sketch book).
The images are printed on lined paper with ecological, resistant and anti-UV inks.

° The Cases are wooden containers polished by hand with a shellac and wax patina that gives them a magical charm of ancient flavor.

° The large Music-boxes are the same type of boxes, with internal compartments and spring music machanisms with the "Greenleaves" song.

° The small Music-box has the manual mechanism with the romantic notes of "Blue Danube" by Johann Strauss.

The "Ancient Pinocchio"

Another beautiful series is "Pinocchio Antico" inspired by the short stories of the 50s , with the traditional puppet in orange paper dress and hat made of breadcrumbs, accompanied by his famous Abecederio or his father Geppetto. 

The Theatre is entirely made of hand-pierced wood, with natural prints in ancient style.

It reproduces Geppetto's carpentry shop with Pinocchio: the old carpenter works the piece of wood with so much love and passion as to make it alive.

It is an excellent  three-dimensional table decoration element or, thanks to the buttonhole on the back, hung on the wall like a small picture, fascinating and exciting.

The Clocks Watch recreate the first page of the original story of the "Adventures of Pinocchio", or the full-length wooden puppet.

The phrases are made in wavy design to recreate the effect of the open pages. Pinocchio is portrayed in different positions, in two wall and one table versions.

An object so precious that giving it and receiving it will be a source of much emotion, both for adults and children.

  • Orologio da appendere chiamato pendola ABC visto da lontano
    Orologio ABC
  • Contorno del viso di Pinocchio che costituisce la parte alta dell’orologio a pendola
    Viso pendola Pinocchio
  • Foto della parte centrale della pendola Pinocchio grande
    Lancette orologio Pinocchio
  • Foto completa dell’orologio da parete Novella per farne notare l’originalità
    Pendola Novella
  • L’orologio da parete intitolato Novella è composto da due pezzi : un libro un Pinocchio
    Pendola dell’orologio Novella
  • Siluette dell’orologio con pinocchio seduto e testo totale
    Orologio da appoggio Pinocchio
  • Foto ravvicinata dell’orologio tavolo Pinocchio dove si nota i caratteri particolari della scrittura
    Testo iniziale Novella
  • Orologio tavolo Pinocchio visto da dietro con marchio timbrato
    Appoggi del tavolo Pinocchio
  • Zoom su lancette e parte centrale dell’orologio tavolo novella
    Dettaglio lancette
  • Profilo dell’orologio da appoggio Pinocchio
    Laterale orologio tavolo Pinocchio

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Carlo Collodi, the Florentine writer
Pinocchio is the most famous puppet in the world. His book written by Collodi is the second most translated book in the world after the Bible! Collodi was actually called Carlo Lorenzini, a very famous name in Florence, like all those that end in "-ini" and have the name "Lorenzo" inside them, deriving from Lorenzo the Magnificent, the great patron of the Florentine Renaissance. The name Collodi chooses it because it was the village in the province of Pisa where his grandparents lived, and where every summer he went to spend the winter with his relatives, and to which he cared very much. In Collodi you can find the "Parco di Pinocchio", recently born, it is a must for all Tuscans, even if maybe if you are on vacation only a few days it may not be recommended. Link to the Pinocchio Park site > and Link to the Collodi site >

Pinocchio yesterday and today
The book was entitled "Le avventure di Pinocchio. Storia di un burattino" (The Adventures of Pinocchio. Story of a puppet), and was a collection of the serialized story that Collodi wrote for the first children's magazine born in Florence that year, the "Giornale per Bambini" (Journal for Kids). They must have been only a few stories, but the love of the young Florentines for this very particular character pushed the writer to go on in the story until its very sweet ending. The collection was then concluded in 1883, and published in several editions decorated with ink drawings by Enrico Mazzanti. The most curious thing is that Collodi never registered the copyrights for his book, but certainly not for lack of intelligence, but because his novel could be read by all the children of the world without limits, and also to pay homage to the his beloved village Collodi, making him famous throughout the world. This is why there are very different versions of Pinocchio, both as a drawing and as a story, and because all over the world it is passed off as "born here". Disney in the 90s made it possible to get to know her more deeply thanks to her animated film "The Adventures of Pinocchio" slightly inspired by the original story. Then the feature films, short films, musicals and comics in the world cannot even be counted.

Pinocchio and Florence
The whole story of Pinocchio is inspired by places that really existed in the province of Florence, and some still exist today. The place to find them all, thanks also to the marble plaques created by the municipality, is the town of Sesto Fiorentino: here there were the Geppetto carpentry, the school of Pinocchio, the great Tree, the tavern in front of the Ginori industry, and more there is the beautiful Fairy House. Then there are Campi Bisenzio, Peretola and Colonnata, and the Isle of Industrious Bees. Just think that the Land of Toys was none other than the Sesto Fiorentino Fair, which could be reached on carriages pulled by mules from all over the province... Let yourself be fascinated by the reality of the tale of Pinocchio! Here is the Link where to find all the places of Pinocchio >

Our Pinocchio
A series of articles inspired by the most loved and famous puppet in the world. The character of Pinocchio is perfect if you are looking for an idea to give a wonderful collector's item that can become an original decorative element on the wall or an ornament and ornament for tables and consoles. A fantastic and original idea perfect for any special occasion or event, always appreciated by anyone, adults and children, since Pinocchio is a character that appeals to all ages and all cultures of the world. If you are looking for a Craft Store in Florence where to find lots of Pinocchio Gifts, don't miss L'Arte de' Ciompi, we are at the beginning of the historical centre of the city!