Decorated leathers cases and pouches, for instrument and tools, all cut and sewn by hand, worked with ancient fire pressing techniques


Soft cases for pencils and pens



Soft cases for brushes and tools



Pouch for tubes and watercolours


Some details:

° PENCIL HOLDER: Cases in natural cowhide leather with internal cartridge holder with 13 slots for pens, pencils or pencils.

The closure is made with hand-woven waxed cord and the leather button is always of a different shape. The cases can be rolled up and closed with a strap, to easily carry everything in a bag or backpack.

The external pressing is Michelangelo's Baccus, and the colors available are: rust, brown and grey.

° BRUSH HOLDER: Soft cases in natural cowhide leather with internal cartridge holder with slots of different sizes, from the widest to the narrowest, perfect for tools of different sizes, such as brushes, make-up tools, sculpture or calligraphy tools.

As with pencil holders, brush holders can also be rolled up on themselves, and are constructed using the same methods. Image of Michelangelo's Baccus.

° COLOR POUCH OR TOBACCO POUCH: Extremely versatile soft clutch bag. Perfect for carrying tubes of oil, tempera or watercolours.

The shape is also perfect for carrying tobacco, with papers and filters, or for documents, or even as a make-up bag.

This case can also be rolled up on itself.


The colours may slightly vary from supply to supply: each batch of leather is characterized by always different shades and nuances, and the sizes shown in the sheets may vary slightly due to the own handmade production.

Variable colors and sizes make each piece even more unique and irreproducible, a tangible certificate of true craftsmanship made as it once was.

The tradition of Florence
Leather has been used for centuries by the Florentines, both to build everyday objects and to create ornaments of the finest taste, especially for furnishings. We were inspired by the Middle Ages and the Renaissance to create our entire leather collection: from pencil cases to medieval covers, also perfect for street artists, up to the very elegant Renaissance notebooks more suitable for special occasions and elegant, luxury environments. If you love the glorious past of Florence this is the perfect craft shop for you, the best for inspiration from Tuscan and Italian tradition and history.

Leather to give as a gift
On our dedicated pages you will surely find the best ideas for making the perfect gift for every special occasion. Leather objects are perfect for everyone, especially for those who love objects that have the charm of the ancient. From painters to designers, from writers to poets, from lawyers to unstoppable travellers, on our online shop you will find the unique and special handcrafted gift for the person to celebrate. For occasions, they range from a wedding to a graduation, a birthday to a move, and even advice on how to thank someone for a favor received. For uses, both to decorate the home and to use every day to create truly freely, and which is never banal or obvious! And above all you will give an unobtainable and never seen before gift!