Our selections for the most important, elegant and carefully chosen gifts for the most feminine tastes.

In our laboratory in Florence we build each object with the methods and wisdom of the ancient Florentine and Tuscan craftsmanship.

We have dedicated a special selection for women and for lovers of the feminine. Discover all the other On-Line items for different occasions.

What to give to your special woman? From the Girlfriend, to the Best Friend, to the Mom, to the favorite Colleague: every woman is different! Discover the most suitable handcrafted gifts for every event and for every birthday girl. Read the tips for the perfect gift at the bottom of the page!

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Gift for a special woman
What to give to a really important woman in your life? There are women with difficult tastes, others who already have everything, others who have such particular passions and hobbies that it becomes difficult even to find the perfect gift. Check out our best ideas for a romantic and classy gift for female tastes. Each one is a real handmade Italian jewel, all luxury handcrafted items but without having to spend an exaggeration. Discover the authentic craftsmanship for her, if you are looking for an elegant and delicate gift for an important woman here you will find something precious and useful. What to give to refined people whether they are men or women, something delicate like the dancing angels on our catalog, good luck and good luck like our artist's hummingbird, or the home furnishing balloon clock from our wooden collection.

Gift for Wife, Girlfriend or Partner
On our portal we will help you find a fine and precious thought for the person you love that is always different, and expresses love and fidelity, unique in its kind and unavailable. There are great occasions such as Valentine's Day or other Lovers' Holidays in which it is a must to celebrate your love. A dinner, a walk, a cinema, and end the evening with a nice gift designed especially for her. Even an anniversary becomes more special if you choose something useful and beautiful that you can always carry with you like a leather diary or notebook, or that you can display at home as a piece of furniture, like a romantic clock. You will be sure to make happy even the women who are never satisfied. When the occasion is a birthday, it is even more important to make a woman feel special, perhaps with a gift that represents her and makes her feel unique in the world. For Women's Day instead of the usual mimosa you can opt for something that emphasizes her femininity, her being female, perhaps with a symbol of good luck like the Colibri or the Egg.

For the Daughter
For your daughters you need something that remains forever and never goes out of fashion, and that is always useful and attractive. Fresh items that symbolize good luck and love of life are always perfect gift ideas when it comes to close relatives, especially if they are young girls who are still beardless and light. If they are curious lovers of history and have lived or live in Tuscany, it will be very nice to give them the Tuscan Almanac, full of stories, curiosities and ancient traditions, as well as songs and riddles that our grandmothers loved to make each other. . It is important to keep traditions alive, and also to teach the young people of today the lifestyle of the past, so that they can appreciate more the opportunities that the present offers and that the future will hold for them. For nature lovers, there is no better gift than the Ancient Herbarium, a vintage book on the use of flowers, plants and roots, to revive in her the ancient witch traditions with the grandmother's methods that will never be lost.

For the Sister
Nobody knows her better than you, you have shared the best years of your life together, side by side, in the same house if not in the same room. For a sister or a twin you need a heartfelt gift, perhaps in line with the character of the woman who will receive it. Surely a leather bound photo album with some of your photographs already printed to collect inside will be a very appreciated gift for any kind of sister, from the most romantic who will surely shed a few tears at the memory of your childhood spent together, up to the most cold, which can only open itself to your brotherly love or to the sisterhood that it will never be able to forget.

For Mommy
Mum is always mum. And when should you give a gift for a special occasion? It can be a simple Mother's Day, or a more difficult 50 or 60 year birthday. The fiftieth anniversary (certainly as well as the sixtieth) is an important birthday in the life of a woman, it somehow divides the life she has made from the one that still awaits her in the future. Celebrating her means thanking her for her support and her role as a mother in our life. Of course, maybe after so many years you no longer know what to give, but you can always focus on what we know you like, or on what you might like to do as a hobby in your free time, especially when the children are older and stop be a mother and go back to being a woman who thinks of herself. This also happens at retirement, when she finally has all the time of her life available to herself: she can devote herself to painting, and you can give her a brush holder, she can start drawing, and a Michelangelo Sketchbook will certainly be appreciated, she can start sculpting. , and an instrument holder will be the perfect gift for his new passion, he can start writing, poems, diaries, short stories or novels, and an elegant notebook will be nice to always carry with you or to keep at home on a bookcase or shelf in nice view, part of the home decor and design. To make a perfect gift to an Artist, also look at the Drawing and Painting page and the one dedicated to Writing and Poetry and the one dedicated to Music and Instruments

For a Relative
Ideas get confused for the most distant relatives, and sometimes you can run out of ideas or have big doubts about what is more appropriate to give. When you have to give an important gift to an Aunt or a Cousin or a Sister-in-Law, who may not know each other very little or whose tastes are not known, it can be difficult to find the right gift. It takes something elegant and refined, but not too busy, not too bulky to keep at home nor too personal to wear. In these cases, trust your tastes: it is important to give something that is always gladly given. A mini music box or a small notebook can be neutral and diplomatic ideas, which are right for everyone, and they cannot but like them. The important thing is to always look good without exaggerating!

If you are looking for an unobtainable and different gift for Mother's Day and Women's Day, a piece of authentic Florentine craftsmanship will be as appreciated as a jewel. These are the best birthday thoughts for a best friend, and a colleague who quits her job, retires or gets promoted can have the most exciting and special gift she ever wanted.