Small trunks, jewelry boxes and music boxes in handmade wood. Ideas for a romantic and elegant gift.


Decorated wooden precious jewelry boxes



Small and sweet hand crank music boxes



Romantic jewelery box with music machines


Some details:

° CASES AND BOXES: Jewelery cases in aged Linden wood for a very refined and classy appearance.

These trunks have no compartments and are therefore suitable for containing both small precious treasures and even larger objects, as well as cards and documents. This model is made with: ° The 2 most significant images of the "Pinocchio in Florence" series ° A plate in hot shaped cowhide leather that represents the "Angel's Dance" by Donatello ° The Florentine Lily carved on a draft of pasta wood and ancient polished surface.

A second model of casket made of Fir is an exclusive drawing kit with giant graphite and antiqued paper. The interior is lined in leather, with bas-relief images and phrases.

° MINI MANUAL MUSIC-BOXES: Sweet Poplar wood box built entirely by hand, with internal carillon mechanism.

A very nice jewel in the smallest sizes realizable in wood and with joints. A miniature masterpiece.

The melody " Blu Danube" is reproduced by a small inside metal mechanism, which can be operated manually through an outside chromed crank.

The image is made with a framed wood print. This model is made with the images of: °Pinocchio on Ponte Vecchio, °Pinocchio in a hot air balloon, °Inlay style Hummingbird , °Inlay style Mandolin.

° BIG AUTOMATIC MUSIC-BOXES: These music boxes have the same construction structure as the empty boxes, but they are equipped with internal dividers and a spring-loaded metal mechanism. The music is reproduced by loading the mechanism by the butterfly lever inside the box.  The melody is " Green Leaves"

The external plaque is printed on woodpaper and framed with small wooden profiles; the picture is embellished with round-headed polished brass nails (as used in ancient Florence).

This model is made with the images of:  °Pinocchio on Ponte Vecchio, °Pinocchio in a hot air balloon, °Inlay style Mandolin and Hummingbird, °"Birth of Venus" image by Botticelli .




A truly particular container that leaves its mark, to be used gladly to store jewels and small precious objects, a gift that will be used with pleasure and will make you be remembered.

The boxes are made of solid linden wood for the large boxes and poplar plywood for the small boxes of the crank music boxes. The large caskets and music boxes are made with the same type of wood structure, closure and hinges in aged brass. The images are printed on special paper with environmentally friendly but fade resistant inks. Inside is the wooden logo of our laboratory and on the bottom the stamp of our brand and the Hand-Made-in-Florence certification. Inside there is the paper production certificate and a small parchment for small thoughts or dedications.

Tradition and originality
An artisanal gift bought in a shop, indeed, in a real old Italian shop will be a gift even more appreciated than usual, especially for important moments and occasions in the life of a loved one. Caskets and trunks, and especially music boxes for jewelry, have decorated the homes of our grandparents and our great-grandparents for centuries, and even earlier they were widely used objects since the Renaissance. Wood was the most used and loved material, from very rich models to European poor art. Popular and classic melodies come to life in our hand-made musical caskets and in the romantic Florentine jewelry boxes with floral motifs. Artistic objects distinguished by the Made in Italy brand of excellence and originality. Our products are all handmade with ancient artisanal methods in our laboratory in Florence with wisdom and competence. In our physical shop and in the online shop you will find boxes and music boxes for all tastes, starting from the most traditional ones with Renaissance images to the freshest and funniest ones with images of Pinocchio, the puppet born in Florence.

For all occasions
A truly special container that leaves its mark, to be used gladly to store jewels and small precious objects, a gift that is used with pleasure and makes you remember. Each gift with an antique style image will be elegant and perfect for any type of occasion such as birthday, wedding, graduation. Each piece is an idea to give an unusual and very fine ornament for tables and consoles, as well as a wonderful collector's item. Pieces of authentic craftsmanship, an unobtainable gift to express any emotion. From a tender friendship to a powerful passion of love and seduction. Pinocchio is a tender and refined gift idea for adults and children for any special occasion, anniversary, baptism, birth or Christmas party.