Cards with original ancient images or of our creation, printed using typographic techniques, die cut and plasticized with opaque lamination.


Playing cards in regular suits, with original images by our artist



Regular playing cards, with original images by our artist



Minor and major tarots, reproductions of ancient cards in leather or paper


Some details:

° PLAYING CARDS OF PINOCCHIO: Deck of 54 cards with wooden box, with the images of the original series  by "Pinocchio goes to Florence", designed by our artist just for us. The images depict Pinocchio walking around Florence and the Tuscan countryside, on the backrounds of all the most ancient and well-known monuments of the city, such as: °Pinocchio in a hot airballoon over Florence Duomo °In front of the doors of the Cathedral °Fishing from the shoulder of the Arno in front of Ponte Vecchio.

Nice and funny, with these on the table you will have a whole different game!

° PLAYING CARDS OF CARICATURES: Deck of 54 playing cards with wooden box, with the images from the "Famous Characters Caricatures " series,  splendid and very original collection of funny Caricatures of Italian and European Characters, made by our artist.

The characters embrace all different cultures and nationalities,  from Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo da Vinci, Napoleon, Salvator Dalì, Dante Alighieri, up to William Shakespeare.

The format is larger than the standard to better appreciate the amusing and ingenious details of each figure. Beautiful game and ingenious piece of furniture and collection.

° ALL THE TAROT CARDS: ° 78 cards of Complete Arcana Tarot with reproductions of the " Sola Busca " collection, with rigid cardboard packaging and Florentine Lily in leather. The spell images are the originals of the "Sola Busca" collection, the oldest complete deck  in the world. The Tarot game takes a more mysterious and original flavor in front of  ancient images full of details, an unmissable collection piece for Art and Tarot  lovers.

° Tarot of Marseilles Major Arcana in leather: set of 21 cards pressed in black ink on recycled leather, with soft case in cowhide leather with embossed "Baccus" decoration by Michelangelo.




The Pinocchio and Caricature bouquets are delivered in a wooden box, worked and aged by hand in our laboratory, and is closed with a soft cord;  on the cover there is the deck presentation card; on the bottom there is the workshop stamp and the "Made in Italy" certification .

Decks of 54 Playing Cards with Jokers 

Playing cards are a wonderful gift that makes any collector, gamer or card lover happy. They are perfect for those who already have all the traditional collections, and want to find something to collect and use that are not the usual images already seen, which is something particular and special. These of our production are unique, protected by copyright and sold only in our shop in Florence and on our e-commerce site. Both decks consist of French or Turin Suits, that is Spades, Clubs, Diamonds and Hearts. These are the cards we use in Tuscany: here in all the games, from Scopa to Rummy, to Scala Quaranta up to Machiavelli, we use these, using two decks, removing some numbers, or removing the jokers. 

78 Arcana decks for divination

Tarot cards are a very useful tool for wizards and sorceresses, and to perceive energies and channels different from the usual in divination. Reading the future, the present and the past with these cards will allow us to open a new channel of reading in the universal energies. Handling and energizing artisanal and handmade objects channels and multiplies personal spiritual energies. Giving the Tarot to a friend who makes cards will be an appreciated and different gift from the usual, especially because these are all decks that cannot be found all over the world.

Being all original images of Tuscan or ancient Italian artists, each of the series will be an excellent gift for to fascinate and remind an artist, painter, draftsman, graphic designer, art lover or lover of Florence.