Countertop clocks and Pendulum clocks for the wall, all in hand-pierced wood, with traditional ancient images or fascinating and original designs of our creation.


Wooden table and wall clocks



Wall clocks inspired by the ancient theater



Antique style table and wall clocks


Some details:

° PINOCCHIO CLOCKS: Time markers inspired by the novel "The Pinocchio's Adventures", the most translated book in the world after religious texts.

We have created two types:  °" Abc ": Very nice  full-length Pinocchio model, with swinging legs under the mechanism... it makes you happy to look at it!   °" Novella ": Model with the first page of the Pinocchio original book "Once upon a time ... A King! My little readers will say immediately ..."  The appearance is exactly that of an old open book, and the sinuous course of the writing lines simulates the thickness of the book.

The "Novella" model is available in the following versions:
° for table with Pinocchio in relief sitting in front of the pages holding abecedary in hand;  ° for hanging with the puppet that makes the swing hanging with the legs in the air.

° ART COMEDY THEATRE: These two models are inspired by the  characters of Commedia dell'Arte, both featuring Colombina, the oldest Art Comedy mask.

Colombina is a beautiful, sly and mischievous housekeeper (family collaborator), who takes advantage of her talents while having fun making crazy Pantalone, the owner.

The two models with Colombina, both for wall, are:  ° Colombina dances the belly dance by swinging her large skirt. Absolutely exceptional gift for a dancer and dance lovers, nice and funny;  ° Colombina who shows off her magician's skills with Pantalone who tries to find a foothold in his heart. Sweet for a newly married couple and for theater lovers.

° HUMMINGBIRD, DANTE AND OTHER ORIGINALS: Watches with very particular and meaningful subjects to decorate a table, a shelf or a wall in a different way than usual.

° " The Divine Comedy " table clock with the image of an open book and the first verses of the famous work of Dante Alighieri "In the middle of the journey of our life ...". The clock is made more precious by the decorative element of the Giglio di FIrenze in aged wood. For lovers of Florence and ancient literature.

° " Inlay Colibrì " wall clock that reproduces a composition of musical instruments and ribbons, with a small and cute Hummingbird that flutters underneath, all in marquetry style. Very warm and soft colours, perfect for any type of environment and sensational gift for those who love music.

° " Hot-air balloon " pendulum in the shape of a large and romantic hot-air balloon with a girl leaning out of the tilting basket. Ideal gift to make dream travelers and dreamers of all ages.



The clocks are made on 6mm poplar plywood with image reproduction and cut one by one with fretwork. The back is coloured using traditional techniques for a fascinating antique effect. The prints are natural, with anti-UV protection. The electronic movement mechanism is placed on the back, powered by an AA battery (included in the package).

The stamp of our brand and the Hand-Made-in-Florence certification are affixed to the back of each object .

Table Clocks and Pendulums
In our Shop in Florence you will find all handmade clocks for any taste for your gifts. Each piece is handmade, built in wood and worked with the ancient working methods of the Tuscan tradition. The clock has always been a decorative element in Tuscan homes, a tradition to continue even now with the advent of telephones and electronic watches. The charm of the moving hands is timeless, and the beauty of an elegant and refined decorative element on your wall will end up being as pleasing as a painting. All the watches we produce have a Renaissance charm and style, starting from the small hands with a particular and moving shape, up to the subjects and the choice of colors, very soft and subtle.

The watch as a gift
An elegant clock decorated with artistic or literal motifs will certainly be appreciated by an artist, scholar and historian. These are all objects that go very well in both modern and antique style homes and studios, but above all they are perfect for those who want to give their home a touch of joy and freshness. The Mongolfiera watch with the refinement of its decorated balloon will be the perfect gift for girls and women as a wish for well-being and freedom. Pinocchio is always a unique, sweet and unexpected collector's item, an object that is certainly appreciated by both an adult and a child. Surely they are all an excellent idea to furnish a bedroom or living room with a very original and useful piece. Pinocchio is always a unique, sweet and unexpected collector's item, an object that is certainly appreciated by both an adult and a child. Surely they are all an excellent idea to furnish a bedroom or living room with a very original and useful piece.