Wooden objects made by lathe and inlaid traditional methods

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At the moment the following items are only available in the Shop, in unique and original pieces similar to these shown in the pictures


Elegant pens and pencils in inlaid wood



Antique games in olive wood or inlaid wood


Some details:

° FOUNTAIN PENS AND CHANGEABLE PENCILS: ° The fountain pens are in wood shaped with lathe, made on precision mechanics designed for wood cladding. The body is covered with a transparent protection against scratches and sudden changes in temperature.

The rhodium nib of German technology is  gold-plated, with soft and uniform "M" stroke. The metal parts are all gold plated.

It refills with regular interchangeable cartridges, with internal housing for an additional spare cartridge. All pens have screwing cap, and some have the option of screwing it at the top while writing.

° The pencil is propelling, made with the same turning techniques and inlay, and the metal parts are chromed. The lead is interchangeable, and the cap contains a small sharpener to remake the tip.

° SPINNING TOPS: The large spinning tops are made by lathe and equipped with metal protection in the lower part to ensure the durability of the tip.  

The essences are always different, from the Tuscan Olive, to the Tulipier, to the Wenge ', made in unique pieces or in geometric inlays cut and assembled by hand.

The weight of these spinning tops is greater than a common spinning top that starts with the thumb and forefinger; for this the handle is long enough to be able to start the spinning top by giving the rotation with the palm of the two hands.



You can find this items only in our Shop,  or buy them directly with a free VideoCall!

Fountain and Gel Pens, Spinning Tops, Faberge Eggs, each item is turned and decorated by hand and individually, one by one; each piece is different from the other and there cannot be two identical.

This process gives the guarantee that each piece is inimitable therefore absolutely unique in the world and never more reproducible.
Each product is accompanied by our construction certificate, a guarantee of authenticity and originality.

The beauty of turned and inlaid wood
Since the dawn of history we have worked with wood and its derivatives. From the Renaissance onwards, a new level of woodworking has been reached: inlay. The fine and difficult work of the inlayer was on a par with high-ranking artists, such as sculptors. A material once considered poor became a prized object throughout Europe, with its furniture and decorations in olive and ebony. And nowadays we too try to imitate the great carvers and inlayers of the past, building very particular feathers decorated with elegance and finesse, inlaid eggs as beautiful as the ancient original Russian eggs of yesteryear, giant spinning tops, the ultimate expression of the decorative ability of the sculptors of the past.

The Fountain Pen and the Gel Pen
Pens are wonderful pieces to give as gifts and to collect, and when they are totally handcrafted and made in Italy they have an added charm and unparalleled quality. Made in Italy is famous all over the world, Italian and Florentine artisans are praised by everyone, and if a gift object is artisanal and Italian it has no comparison or competitors anymore. In our laboratory in Florence we make every single pen, fountain pen, roller or gel by hand, using traditional techniques and the secrets of ancient craftsmanship. In the OnLine shop you will find only two models and a few woods as a choice, since the pieces are always all different and unique. In our shop in the historic center of Florence you will find a wide and beautiful choice in our collection of pens, both fountain pens, gel, roller and graphite. Colors, shapes, woods will always be different from each other, and the pens will be unique pieces of high quality craftsmanship that cannot be found anywhere else. Discover the perfect gifts on our dedicated page, and give a one-of-a-kind handmade wooden pen to a retired person, it will be a sign of gratitude and great respect for the work done and ensures you will always be remembered.

The Roller or Biro Pens

The solid wood roller pens are gold plated or chromed. They are perfect for giving smaller gifts, you can also spend a little while making a great impression! For the most special occasions, you can give unique pieces, not plastic or poor materials, but something that is truly special and unique, of true Italian craftsmanship, but remaining on an economic expense. On request we have also created the boxes especially for the pens, at a very low price. Unfortunately, the Roller Pens are not for sale on e-commerce, this is because they are many and always all different from each other. They are created from unique pieces of wood, and the grain and colors of each piece are always unique. The woods you will find are: Tuya, Apple, Pear, Apricot, Peach, Oak, Maple, May Pendant, Palo Santo, Zebrano, Cooliban, Ziricote, Italian Walnut, Judas Tree, Mimosa, Mulberry, Cocobolo. The mechanisms are all of German technology, the best, with chromed or gold-plated metals, all hypoallergenic. The internal ink is all interchangeable, you can find more information on the Mechanisms page. To buy these biro pens you can come directly to the shop, or if you live far away you can view them without obligation with a free Live Streaming Video call, buy them with secure payment on our site by credit card, prepaid, or bank transfer or PayPal, and find them at home within a few days with safe and tracked shipping worldwide: visit our Live Shopping page!

The Spinning Top and the Egg as a gift
Decorated wood is an object of great effect and always makes a good impression on a table or desk as well as naturally giving the pleasure of using it for the purpose for which it was built. Wood is a living material, and inlaid it becomes so precious that it is an impressive homage worthy of a king and a queen. Elegant and effective gift for all types of professionals, whether already established or just about to graduate. The pen is the ideal object for those who love to write or draw, whether poet or writer, and giving it away gives the certainty as they say in the Florentine dialect to "make a great impression".
The spinning tops were the ancient games of children from the 19th century onwards, remembered with emotion by our grandparents, stories of fun and lightheartedness even in the darkest moments of Italian history. Giving a top is a gesture of nostalgia, a thank you for a favor received in the past, a reminder of the personal history of a person dear to us. It will always be an elegant and refined gift, which never goes out of fashion, and much appreciated for its ability to decorate the house with sweetness and a pinch of joy.
Before the famous Russian eggs, there was a very long history in Europe even before Christ as a symbol of birth and new life for decorated eggs, built in different materials. Then in 800 came the Fabergé Eggs, born in Russia under the Romanovs and commissioned to the Russian artist Faberge on the occasion of the Easter feast, they were in gold, glass and precious stones: they adorned the salons of the princes and the richest up to a few decades ago, and the shelves of the grandparents still remember the poorest reproductions, especially those in painted wood. Giving an egg as a gift is a wish for good luck, love of life, prosperity and hope in the future, as a symbol of birth, as well as during the Easter period.