Wooden Models of Pediments Theatres with stages, wings, characters and backround of Florence, all cut by hand, Decorative or Carillon


Wooden  theatre models with musical mechanism



Fixed theatres with interchangeable characters



Wooden models with Pinocchio and Geppetto


Some details...

° MUSICAL THEATRES: Wooden models of different theatres with automatic internal music box and Colombina and Pantalone in dance, two of the most famous Italian Art Comedy characters.

The wood is cut using an electric scroll saw and assembled into joints with natural glues and very small nails. The automatic music box is hidden inside, rechargeable by the butterfly placed on the back, and makes the characters dance in a circle on the notes of "Greenleaves". These reproductions of miniature scenographies are complete with every decorative detail: the backdrop with the views of ancient Florence, the printed and fretworked scenes, the cantilevered curtains, the sides and the decorated beams and of course the large front on the public side.
The front imitates the designs that were studied to set up the "proscenium" stage decoration, the surface that divided the stage from the stalls.

° DECORATIVE THEATRE: is structurally the same as the music model, but equipped with a buttonhole on the back that allows you to expose the scenography also hung vertically; perfect if put under a light source that partially illuminates the "behind the scenes", thus imitating theatrical spotlights.

The wooden characters are the "Commedia dell'Arte" masks °Colombina and Pantalone or °Arlecchina and Pulcinella, or an unpublished duet of °Dante and Beatrice, the most famous couple in Florence.

The coloured scenographies on the bottom can be chosen among:

° “ Vista sull'Arno ” with the Santa Trìnita Bridge in the foreground and Ponte Vecchio on the horizon.

° " Piazza della Signoria " with the Loggia dei Lanzi on the horizon (curiosity: on some cartographic prints the square is called "Piazza del Granduca").

° PINOCCHIO THEATRE: Decorative wooden theater with Pinocchio and Geppetto. The scenography is complete with many tiny details, and represents a setting for Geppetto's carpentry shop, Pinocchio's birth house.

The suspended character with a thin brass thread represents Geppetto when started building Pinocchio: working on a piece of wood, just sketched, which already starts talking.

This front model is very different from the Decorative Classical one, and represents the magical world of fairy tales, with floral decorations and the two famous masks of laugh and tears,  a classic symbol of Theatre Art. A marvellous piece of furniture, either on the wall with a buttonhole nail, or on a table or bookcase, and which certainly has a nice effect even in the "good living room" as a fascinating example of a true "hand made" one.


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The Decorative Theatres and Music Theatres are made with images printed on 6mm poplar plywood, cut piece by piece with the fretwork. The prints are made with natural colours , with anti-UV protection. The automatic music box mechanism is hidden inside, loaded by the butterfly placed on the back.

The stamp of our brand  and the Hand-Made-in-Florence certification are affixed to the back of each object .


Some curiosities...



Love for Theatrical Art
A theater model is an amazing gift for those who love art and history and a nice exhibit relic for collectors. Excellent piece of authentic craftsmanship as a decoration that stimulates the imagination in a boy's room but also to decorate a creative or play environment in an unusual and fun way. The right inspiration for those who work in the entertainment world (from a director to a set designer to the actor or actress or the machinist) and set design (architect or engineer or set-up) as well as obviously for all art lovers (both graphic that painter that musician).
Actors and actresses will be amazed by such a special and original gift, as it will also be appreciated by a lover of dance or opera or cinema. For a theatrical lover who has just graduated from Dams it will be a different surprise, reminiscent of the visual art he studied A Carillon with the panorama of Florence is an unusual and unexpected gift to sympathize with Florence and its medieval and Renaissance magic.

Home Decorations and Work Design
The best destination for these decorative objects are home and work environments. Elegant and refined, they will be spectacular if hung on the wall and illuminated by a small spotlight right above, which sheds light on the stage, or even positioned under an already present wall lamp. And if you work in your own Design or Art studio, it will be a particular and tasteful piece even on display on a shelf or bookcase.